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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • B. Foster - Not happy!

    So sorry I bought this because it was a waste of money! Does not remove the hair on my legs at all, which is why I primarily bought it. Some times it doesn't even come on. I'm following the instructions which I have read, and re-read. I charge it all the time, so it's not because it needs a charge. Just think it was truly a waste of money!

  • John Banja ([email protected]) - Remarkably well written and quite unforgettable

    On the basis of Amazon reviewers, I got a copy of this book from my university's library. After reading it, I've ordered a personal copy. Lansing's a marvelous writer. His prose is elegant, powerfully and wonderfully descriptive, and he knows how to hold the reader as captive as Shackleton's crew on the ice flow. The Amazon reviewers who mildly complained about the book becoming somewhat bogged down about two-thirds through are right--but in no way does that compromise the essence and thrill of this adventure story. I read it wanting to know more about Shackleton's leadship philosophy and strategies, but what I came away with was an unbridled appreciation of the composition and virtues of his crew: how they managed to get along, their infinite patience, and their quiet courage in what must have been--despite all the description--an utterly unimagineable ordeal. It is exceedingly odd and wonderfully paradoxical that Shackleton totally failed in his objective to cross the South Pole--he never got close. But he had this extraordinary adventure. I don't see how a person can be unaffected after reading this book.

  • Darren Steinbach - Falling apart immediately.

    The glue holding the hook and loop fastener came off on the left glove on the first usage and the right glove after maybe the 20th use. These also gave me blisters on my hands. I've worn other years of the dirt paw and they've been great, but I wouldn't recommend these.

  • Lauren - Horrible. Do not buy.

    Most of the recent reviews say that this watch isn't that bad. But thats just not true. Spent hours and hours trying to connect my phone. All I could do is take calls from it. Waste of time. Return process was flawless though.

  • npete - Disappointed that the pic shows the chairs with the side ...

    Disappointed that the pic shows the chairs with the side trays and had read reviews stating that the side trays came with their chairs when ordered, however mine did NOT come with the side trays. I bought this set specificly because it was two chairs with two side trays for a great price! I don't have time to return and get a refund due to buying these chairs for our upcoming vacation next week.