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  • Ballard M Burgher - Five Stars

    Terrific pre-season guide for the high-information Longhorn fan. Thorough, insightful and often witty.

  • mailorder - Nero 2012 Platinum customer

    I haven't tried this version, the reason I automatically gave it a bad review is the following. I bought Nero in the past. I got the 2012 Platinum version. I have redone my pc several times. I went to reinstall so I could watch a movie with my kids and got a message that my legit product key activation failed. They limit you, even though it says that the software never expires. So now I have to wait to see if I will even get a response and can't watch the movie with the kids because of their poorly designed activation setup. I would like to know if they still use the same system for activation. The only thing I get is an option to upgrade to 2016 or contact Technical Support. It also says they no longer support legacy products, so where does that leave me? I am not paying you more money Nero, you can forget it. I will find a company that is loyal to existing customers. Buyer be ware, you might think you have a lasting product because it says it never expires, but they can remotely disable your software, even if you did nothing wrong.

  • E. Taylor - Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising

    I just read Brian Geiger's review and the MS Social Team's response. I logged onto amazon with the purpose of checking out Office 2013, I am currently using 2010. I once was suckered into Office 365 for a netbook, never again. Clouds usually signal a coming storm, cloud computing is certainly well named. Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising. The reason I chose to post on a product that I was going to buy but chose not to buy. The MS team's posted reply, to Mr. Geiger's very specific complaints; was the most offensive piece of garbage I've ever seen come out of a corporate entity. If you've ever seen someone hold up three fingers and say read between the lines you understand the gist of Microsoft's reply. If that's their attitude, why bother to reply at all? Do they really think anyone will click on the links?

  • J. Quinby - Not loud enough to hear

    I have it dealer-installed in my new van. The volume is set at 50% and with the stereo at full blast, my passengers can barely hear the TV. The remote will not change the volume. (according to TView customer service, the volume is set at the factory and cannot be changed!) This makes this a useless piece of equipment in my vehicle. Unless you are still with the engine off, don't bother.

  • Citizen John - Fight the real enemy

    On the surface, Capt. Trimmer's book would appear to the casual reader to simply be a treatise on maritime safety, and thus, beyond reproach. For those of you waiting for the movie, NO SPOILERS here, but on closer examination, I can't help but think this is simply another attempt of the Anti-Huge Ship movement to promote their extremist agenda.

  • jmars80 - Not worth it

    Socket sizes not correct causing stripped bolts. Wrench unable to handle basic torque with out bending/flexing. Even for a cheap set, quality is horrible. I didn't expect it to last long, but I was not even able to complete the 1 small project I needed this product for. Spend a little extra for a better quality set, you will be glad you do. We are in the process of returning this item 2 days after receiving it. Product should not even be sold on Amazon.