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    I love watching movies outside and I have a different projector but it is wireless and doesn't stay charged up long enough to watch a full length movie. This projector is electric and has a built in speaker. Upon plugging up I did notice the fan is pretty loud, not to big of a problem but it is noticeable. Now I havent been able to watch movies from the usb yet I don't think I have the right cord but I have been able to view pictures and they look amazing on it. The color is bright. Everything is pretty easy to work on this. It has a remote with all the functions and most of the buttons is on the top of the projector as well. The is a knob thing on the side you can turn the the size and how well it shows on a screen. I had it pointing on my ceiling and it looked great. Even though it has a built in speaker there is still a place to hook up a different speaker for a better sound.

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    Not good at all. It seems to have been built by people who are not property managers. The software should adjust to the need of the manager through "settings" with a lot of choices as properties and managers have different needs. I'm not using this software any more; a waste of money. I am very unhappy for not being able to get my money back.

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