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  • J Money - May be for some but not for me

    It depends on your genetics so it seems, through much research, and not right for me. I stuck with it for 2 years and didn't see any difference, in fact, my hair loss continued unabated. It may help some so I don't want to negate hope because everyone is different. A weird side effect for me, I had trouble sleeping when I used it. Could be correlative and not causative, but I slept better after I stopped using it.

  • Christian G. - Wonderful and Simple

    I use this 3-4 times a week and it keeps my skin free of dead skin and looking completely new. I'd only have problems after the product was exposed to humid air after awhile as water neutralizes this product which is great truthfully. After a year of use of just one unit I'm really happy with this. It is the best facial peel I've ever used and was my biggest bang for the buck. If you're looking for a working facial peel/exfoliant at a low cost don't go buy any products off the shelf, instead, get this. I use this along with Vine Vera Facial Cleanser and I have amazing smooth and clear skin. I'm a 17 year old male teen with a soft face that matches a baby's bottom. Love it.

  • Amazon Customer - 10 stars

    Wow! I've been something of a connoisseur of business books for over 20 years going back to Drucker and Porter, but this is beyond a doubt one of the best I've ever encountered.

  • Scott - This is good for using on sunroof (upside down) and the back ...

    Same review as the manual spray bottle I bought at the same time. This is good for using on sunroof (upside down) and the back window in cars. This is the only glass cleaner I'll be buying... and it's better than Windex.

  • Animal Lover:) - LOVE THIS FACIAL PEEL!

    I love this stuff. It takes a lot of dead skin off, and I know this because my skin is prone to peeling, and this removed it, leaving my skin soft and no longer flakey. My skin is left soft and unlike a lot of other products, it did not leave my skin tight and have me running to my moisturizer right after I used it. Washed off easily, smells nice, overall great product. I know there are some reviews on here that complain that it is not dead skin coming off but the peel gelling together in small balls, but I don't care. I don't care if it is dead skin or pixie dust coming off as long as the end result is what I want, and it is. I will be a life long customer for this product.

  • SET2011 - Love this stuff

    I bought this because I wanted to cover up my side part and make my hair in that area look fuller. This stuff is great for that. Takes only a little practice. Sprinkle it on then take a brush or comb and go over the area LIGHTLY - don't scrape the scalp. This helps the fibers to disburse more evenly and look more natural and the hair in that area look thicker. I can't say how it would work on actual bald spots but for my purposes, it's working great.

  • Peter J. Mcnelis - More document, less hyperbole, needed

    Much to be commended for, but 'leaps of logic', unproven speculations/allegations, and foot notes that make any followup extremely difficult, leads to the 3 stars. Nevertheless, much of what King says stacks up with related materials I've read.