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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Stephen - Neutral white vs Cool white

    As many reviews have already stated, this light is a steal for the price, no doubt there. But for those wondering which color to get, read on... It was definitely a hard decision for me, as this would be the first neutral white flashlight to own, I have many other cool white tints. It was such a tough decision that I decided to order both lights and compare the two in person. Upon arrival I got the cool white first as the neutral white was out of stock. I really enjoyed this light thoroughly, it was super bright for an EDC sized light, have great throw and a wide spill, and the best light I own for EDC. The cool white is definitely not the standard cool white tint found in many other lights, it was a bit warmer and I did enjoy this, colors were truer, plants were green, and the outdoors seemed a little bit more natural at night. I was in love with it, but the only thing nagging in my mind was the trueness of the neutral white tint. The neutral white arrives a week later and immediately I threw in a fully charged 18650, at first I was slightly disappointed, being that it was my first time ever having a NW light, it kinda seemed blah to me, it looked dimmer and unappealing and reminded me of the old maglights. However, the more I used the NW version, the more I warmed up to the idea of the NW tint (no pun intended). First use outside and I was astounded, the colors were real! Nature was as nature intended it to be, grass was green, wood was brown, everything felt more like real life. That is when I knew that NW tint was the one to go with. Neutral white tints do loose some lumens, and loose a slight bit of throw, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. In a world of flashlights were lumens are everything, sometimes its best to step back and see the real use of an EDC light and ask yourself, do colors, depth perception, and usability matter more to you than lumens and throw? Thats for you to decide, but for me, neutral white it is.

  • Justin A. Parr - My LEC is AT&T. GOODBYE AT&T

    AT&T has just about the worst customer service on the planet, so I made up my mind that my $60/mo analog line (no joke!) had to go. I switched my alarm to satellite uplink, and then dropped my land line. AT&T "unbundled" my services (after trying to sell me U-Verse for the 50th time) and ended up obliterating my cell phone contract, which went from $200/mo to $500/mo. After a brief "you're not the God of the universe" discussion, we got it all straightened out, BUT....

  • Amazon Customer - The fronts fit very well. just make sure you ...

    The fronts fit very well. just make sure you order the correct set for you cab. the back seat liner is NOT interchangeable between cab styles.

  • P. Sexton - Coverage areas aren't real and Customer Service is poor!

    I bought one of these (not from Amazon) a bit over a month ago. Tried and tried to get internet access, driving to locations somewhat nearby my home. No luck. Finally called and FP said that the device wasn't for access in my location. (Although their coverage area supposedly did.) The tech told me to return it. (Or pay them $60 for a different one.) I returned it. Two days later I was billed $27.98 for service. Made every effort to get them to tell me why they refused to refund the charge. Finally gave up and am having my credit card company get the money back.

  • newdad - Decent but not exactly what I needed for washer

    I had originally bought this for my friends washer because we had to use it for a little bit when I was broke down and I was waiting for the part to repair. And they have a front loader. And she was always asking me to keep the door open because it was getting a very dank musty smell. So I looked up online what can help with that and this is one of the things that came up. Reading all the reviews I thought this would be the perfect thing to get. But first things first if you do have a front load washer you need to go around that rubber ring and make sure that there's not an answer to it where water can just sit there like it did in hers and pool and sit there and just get stagnant from never being cleaned out. The Moldy smell was just out of control. So when I got this I took one right down through it in and run the washer through its paces on the cleaning setting it recommends. But when I came back down to open it up and check on it thinking it would smell lemony fresh. Although that was a hint of lemon and horrible moldy smell. That's when I decided to look around the rubber ring and see what was going on. And like I said it turned out that was a big pool of water under the ring. And I had to mop it up with paper towels. And then from it sitting there for so long there was a big black stain of mold on the rubber. So what I did was fill up that area with CLR. And let it sit overnight with the door open. Then the next day I came down mopped it up but the black stuff was still there. So this time I take the cover off the CLR and then poured it in there. And proceeded to use a scrub brush to really get down in there. Rinsed it out and dried it up. And then walked around the whole rubber ring. Then the machine tells you to pour chlorine bleach into the chlorine bleach holder. And set the washer to it's cleaning cycle but instead I poured CLR and there and the detergent one as well and then said it to clean and put a new tablet in. And the next time I came down it did smell clean. But with all the praise these things were getting I was just sending that all I would have to do is pop it in and clean their washer. Because I wanted to do something nice for them for letting us use it. And in the end I think it was the fact that I cleaned it out with the CLR and everything else but not really the tablet. But a lot of people seem to think that work and the price isn't bad so it's worth a shot.