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  • Amazon Customer - Beware of Sage Software

    Sage has deactivated the payroll function on software that I own!!! They are now charging an additional $519 for payroll which was included in the software I purchased.

  • Dave H - Fantastic book!

    Highly recommended for men looking for a very different take on marriage from what we're normally told and taught. If you've failed to see results from the traditional approaches (giving flowers, being a good listener, generally being a nice guy), then this book is for you. Book was well-written and highly entertaining. I look forward to reading more from Athol Kay in the future.

  • Bill - Look for an alternative to QB. Be very wary of this product.

    This is not an accounting program. It's an instrument of torture. Every "improvement" or update imposed on the user results in HOURS of I.T. trouble and searches for workarounds. The newest version requires constantly changing, complex passwords for each company one opens on QB. If you are a bookkeeping or accounting professional, you will be engaged in time-consuming password management--simply because QB forces it. Sharing files with clients or CPAs will be ridiculously and needlessly complex. No competent professional these days hasn't already addressed security issues internally: but QB has taken it upon themselves to force really onerous procedures on its client base. Can there really be no way to turn this off in future editions or updates? And changing between companies is an exercise in terrible frustration: either one "doesn't have security permissions to delete a file" (which nobody is TRYING TO DO--just change between files!) or there's an error code that doesn't even come up when it's plugged in to any search engine. It now takes up to 5 attempts to ignore 2 separate error messages to switch to a different QB company file. Because of the password protocol changes hidden like a Trojan Horse in the recent product upgrade I'm now frightened to download any of Intuit's suggested file doctors and fixes. I can't trust them anymore not to make it all worse. How can I proceed with confidential client issues when I can't stay on top of what Intuit is doing to its client base? Intuit's program has now gotten so intrusive because of its connection to the internet that it creates its own problems. There are no material accounting or bookkeeping enhancements or improvements from prior versions--but running a payroll program through QB not only forces product upgrades, it also forces changes on the way all users run their own businesses. To be treated this way as a loyal QB user is preposterous. Has anybody found a workable alternative? And I really hope an Intuit representative doesn't "apologize" to me for my inconvenience and forward my concerns to their programmers. They know what's wrong. They just don't care. Intuit can fix all the problems they create by just leaving me and my business to use my own judgment!

  • Not Easy 2 Please - More of a pain!

    Had the Nortons Internet protection for years, so thought the Nortons Basics would be great protection. I cannot complain about the protection it offers, BUT: This program slows down internet surfing to the extreme. If you decide to go with Nortons stick with the Internet Protection or the 360. This one is more of a hinder than a help.

  • EverydayReviews - Broke within 4 months

    Let me start by saying this, the product it self works good. It does what it suppose to do and all that. Does have a auto turn off feature which is nice, and does feel a decent size room depending how much oil you put in.

  • Jay Elle - Worth indulging

    I have been using this product for about 5 years now. It is well worth the money to me since a jar lasts at least a year if you receive the whole package in pristeen condition. Apply the cream sparingly. A tiny bit covers the whole face and leaves even my ultra sensitive skin soft, smooth and nourished. Call it my guilty pleasure, except that I don't feel guilty about it all.

  • Steve - Good book overall, but ...

    Love your parents even if they are not flawless superheroes. That's a good message. The illustrations are simple but good. Overall, my son liked the book, however, he asked me some things about the text of the story that seem contradictory to us. For example, if the superhero dad never gets hurt, why did he get a surgery in his tummy? This was just our perception, even so, it is a good book.