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  • Christian S. Rodriguez - Hair loss, see ya later bye....

    This shampoo has helped with my hair growth. It has thickened my hair in places I never knew my hair was gone from. It smells great. Only a few pumps, let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse. I've only been using it for a month or so and I see a big difference. I love it!!!

  • Pam Louis - Wow fantastic

    Geoffroi "Roi" Majors is one of the immortal ops team members. He is a wolf shifter and a huge lady's man. I love them and leave them guy until he meets Missy Carter. Missy is best friends with Peren who it also lukian (head of immortal ops) mate.

  • apple.may - Didn't receive item.

    I have not received my book and today was supposed to be the last day to receive the item. I am very mad and confused.

  • Jerry L. Mackey - Beta Software at a Premium Price

    Based on the list price of this software, you might think that it would be a powerful, efficient, BUG-FREE application that would rival Adobe Creative Suite for ease and power of vector and paint content creation. Or at least it would be as easy to use and as well-polished as its sister product, Sketchbook Pro 2011, which does pixel painting only, no vector art.

  • S. rakowitz - Great Smart Charger! Perfect for home or office use!

    This is such a useful little device! I used to use single usb-adapters for all of my electronics with 6 to 10 foot micro USB cables, but now I am fine with a 3 foot cable since this little guy comes with an extension as well. I've already ordered another one to take to work.

  • Randy - good product at a great price

    I have since order more of this and the upper cylinder treatment but in a case format with free shipping how could you go wrong......

  • ArshWar - Very powerful pressure. Be Careful.

    This is the first product of this type I have ever used. It does a great job of cleaning deep down and removing anything that it should. The pressure is actually too strong on some of the nozzles if you move the pressure past half way. It can cause bleeding on some settings. I imagine its this way so that the larger nozzles can still have a good pressure to them though. My only minor complaint is that the on off switch would be better on the handle and the pressure slider on the main reservoir body. Just swap those and this product would be 5 stars for me.