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  • PennyPincher - Magic in a Box!

    This stuff is expensive, but it absolutely incredible. If you know that something is going to stick to your pan or dish, use this and you will be amazed when you see it slide right off of the surface of this foil. Even though it is not my 'everyday' foil, I always keep some of this on hand.

  • J Francis - Incredible for the skin!

    I took "before" pictures of my face, and then one month later, pictures in the same light, same clothes, same time of day. The difference is ASTOUNDING! This may be the best it gets, but I'm putting a note on my planner to take more pictures in another month. Also, my fingernails were harder within about 4 days--a lot faster than gelatin powder has ever been, obviously dose related to the amount of collagen 1+3 in 4 pills/day vs. 2 Tbsp./day of gelatin. I haven't noticed any muscular/tendon difference, but there may or may not be some. I'll have to test it out better. I get tendinitis in all my limbs, at different times, so I've been very leery of using weights, even 1-pound weights. I will try it out slowly, and see if it brings benefit or damage. Biggest drawback is that we don't have any data that I know of, of possible long term damage, using so high a dosage of collagen 1+3, so there may or may not be risk.