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  • Amazon Customer - Hard to find but worth it.

    I recently purchased this bundle, and at the moment it is a cause of strife in my household. Time with the Television is now in short supply as I'm causing my girlfriend to miss many of her favorite shows.

  • Erica Seda - Don't waste your money

    Hasn't curbed my appetite, or given me extra energy. My super b complex is so much better. And if you really want to "get motivated" to lose weight, go to your dr and get some phentermine. I'm about to go back and get back on it for a month. Prescriptions for Dr's are the only thing that work. If this stuff did, the dr's would prescribe it!

  • Bill P. - Dome starting to crack

    After using three times the dome is starting to crack in four places. I carefully clean the dome after each use by hand and never stress it in any way. I will keep using it just to see if these crack are going to present a problem with continued use. For the price if it lasts thru the summer I will feel I got my monies worth.

  • Karl S. - Good for simple return but improvements needed for easy entry of more complex data

    In previous years I have used TurboTax Business and wanted to give this a try. If I only had to do a simple return, this would be fine. Because I have over 75 stock transactions it is essential to be able to import all this data and a nightmare to type it all in by hand. This will import data from my previous PDF file saved from TurboTax but it will not import any data from Fidelity. This makes it completely useless. I had to go back to T-Tax. All data from my 1099's had to be typed in even though providers were the same as last year. These should automatically come up with current numbers blank so only the numbers need to be filled in if used.