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  • J.K.B - No More Hairy Back! My GF Says Thank You!!! BRO SHAVER

    Bro! The BRO SHAVER is awesome!!! Unlike the BakBlade that is designed using cheap flimsy plastic, the Bro Shaver has a professional design – super lightweight, three stainless steel bolts which make changing / replacing blades a breeze, 15 stainless blades are included (enough for 10 fresh blade changes). Being that I am tall, I truly appreciate the reinforced spine and length of the Bro Shaver, it allows me to remove hair on those hard to reach areas of my back that I was unable to reach while using the BakBlade. I couldn’t believe how close a shave I got with very little effort and time! You do not need to apply a lot of pressure or go over areas of the back multiple times to remove hair - lite pressure and one swipe is all you need! I LOVE IT!

  • Brandi Patton - If Satan and Hitler had a baby.....

    If Satan and Hitler had a baby, the smell of that brand new baby would smell better then this stuff! Liquid Ass is HORRID! I'd rather die a thousand deaths before ever smelling this again! I sprayed it 3 times near my unsuspecting husband who was on the computer. He was NOT amused. Infact, he was outright pissed. I laughed and laughed....until I caught a whiff of it. Then it wasn't so funny anymore. I went from laughter to gagging in about 10 seconds. And the gagging continued for the entire night, even after the smell was cleared out. Liquid Ass is undoubtable the WORST SMELL EVER IMAGINED!!!! I truly think I am scarred for life. The positive thing is, whenever I smell a really bad smell, I think back to Liquid Ass, and it's easier to handle :)

  • mike low - Amazing Scooter. Very impressed. Outperformed expectations

    Very fun machine. Compact and portable is very convient. Runs as advertised and started on the first pull. Couldn't be happier.

  • Heather S. Leabman - MOST BEAUTIFUL GOTY

    Kanani Akina is 1/4 Hawaiian, 1/4 Japanese (from Dad), and 1/4 French and German (from Mom.) I too would have enjoyed black hair and deep brown eyes, but Kanani is bi-racial and this is explained in her Meet paperback book.