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  • Sharon E. Harvey - Slow Cooker...No Cooker

    I'm giving this Crock-Pot one star because it didn't cook past 38 minutes. Ugh! I received this as a Christmas gift two days ago from my son and daughter-in-law and attempted to use it this morning. My roast was cooking 38 minutes into the first hour when the display starting blinking. I tried resetting the temperature, but the button did not work and the display continued to blink. I pressed the 'off' button; however, the unit would not power off. I unplugged the unit, removed my roast, and prepared the unit for return to Amazon. Fortunately, I received two programmable Crock Pot slow cookers for Christmas and my roast is now cooking in the other one. The instructions gave no clear troubleshooting tips if something like this should happen except in the event of a power outage, which there was no outage. I tried reaching the manufacturer's customer service line, but it is Sunday and they deserve to have at least one day off. I am going to reorder the same unit once my credit is applied although the price has gone up since my son ordered it on December 22nd...that's strange, but I'm more fond of this unit because of its locking lid. Once I receive and use the replacement, I will post a review and hope the next one will be positive. My son has had his Crock-Pot for four years and I've enjoyed many meals he has prepared. He cooked a pork roast on Christmas and it was delicious!! I believe this is a good product, but I got a lemon!! :-(

  • Bryan Betemps Jr. - Built a custom box with 4" port and slid in ...

    Built a custom box with 4" port and slid in the bow of the boat... wow this thing beats. Definitely had to turn it down a bit! can't speak for Rockford Fosgates subs, must hear in person.

  • Madeline M. - DO NOT BUY THIS SCANNER!

    I am writing this review to inform of my poor experience with the Neatworks desk scanner and with the Neat Company customer service and tech support departments. I sent this same review to the Neat Company today as a letter to their executive office. This poor experience resulted in my calling today to return the scanner and I will be looking into purchasing a Canon or Fujitsu scanner for my home office/ home business needs.

  • Otto - Recolored plastic and painted metal well

    I purchased the Rust-Oleum Wipe New Recolor paint restorer for the sole purpose of trying to restore some life into my faded fender flares on my Jeep Wrangler. Sunlight and some hard years have turned my once black fender flares into a light grey color that looks less than great. So, when I saw a commercial on TV about this product, I figured I would give it a try.

  • Amazon Customer - Styler Pro Ionic Hot Brush

    It works just like most any other curling iron. The rubbery bristles of the brush did get my hair tangled but I was able to get it undone without havng to cut my hair out. I had put too much hair in it at once. Even though they say the bristles don't get hot, they don't, but, they get very, very warm. I do like the carrying case, makes it easier to take with and not get the cord tangled. There are two pockets in the little case and both are open at the bottom of the case. You put the little comb & pick combination that comes with it on one side and the curling iron on the other side. It has a draw string closure so it's easy to get the iron in and out. I didn't use the straigtener because I already have straight hair but to unlock it is like a set of tongs and is simple and fast. It did do a good job of curling my hair and the smaller amount of hair you curl at once the better the curl you get and the longer it lasts. I used the high setting and it took about 15 seconds to get a nice curl that will last. My hair is past my shoulders, about 4 inches, so considered long and somewhat thick. There is also a low setting. The price is more than fair. I've seen some for over $100 that don't do anymore than this one does.

  • Raymond K. Poteet - I miss CD's, but this worked fine, after getting help from Microsoft on-line.

    I have a new HP ProBook, Windows 7 Pro, and bought this to go with it. I did need help from Microsoft on-line services as it did not want to load. But, the guy from Microsoft was great. He took over my computer remotely, and installed the software quickly. So, if yours does not load instantly, go to the on-line help directory, they were great.

  • Philip J Andrews - It is as I expected

    This product has allowed me to seemlessly continue my bookkeeping while transitioning from Peachtree 2008. There is no learning curve.