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  • Carg - The mount was pretty easy to assemble with the provided instructions

    The mount was pretty easy to assemble with the provided instructions. The frame went together easily and the TV mounting rods just hook on after connecting them to your TV. The pieces of the frame are all made of strong metal that feels really sturdy, the mount is rated to 165 pounds. The hardest part of the set-up is hanging the frame. The kit comes with nice sized bolts and big plastic wall anchors to keep the mount secure. The thing that I liked the least was having to drill holes in my wall for the anchors, these will leave a mark when the TV has to come down. To be really secure you can use a stud finder to locate proper mounting points for the mount (this is in the instructions).

  • Amazon Customer - It seems the developer has lost interest

    I have been using Living Cookbook for ten or more years and have purchased several updates on more than one computer in that time. I STILL USE IT EVERY DAY and am still happy with it.

  • Lauren Zellmer - The product makes your floors look great, if you don't plan on touching them

    I would give zero stars if possible. The product makes your floors look great, if you don't plan on touching them. Every movement of my furniture during sweeping leaves a scratch now. I have dog scratches everywhere. This stuff does not come up! I wish I had never used it!!! My once beautiful floors now look terrible.

  • Dog lover - Totally beyond my expectations!

    Four hairy dogs and a clean floor everyday, life is good. This product rocks, it vacuums every single day and picks up dog hair - my house is always clean. I just need to empty the bin daily, takes seconds. Weekly I clean the brushes, less than 15 minutes! Great product, totally lives up to my expectations.

  • SoVo - Go ahead and upgrade if you don't mind being forced to pay more $$$ each month

    The latest version of QB has now completely taken away your ability to attach documents you've stored on your own computer. Instead, you have to pay for their "service" (something always subject to the whims of the powers that be at Intuit) and pay for their Document Attachment Service (starting at $9.95/month for one attachment per item). Oh, you can still host the stuff on your servers, it's just that QB's charges you to actually access it. There are 3rd party software programs that will do the same thing, but they run around $200 a piece.

  • Max Pax - You don't need techno to dance on...

    ...if you got this album. 'Safe From Harm', 'Be Thankful For What You've Got', but especially 'Unfinished Sympathy' makes you feel like dancing. When I heard 'Unfinished Sympathy' for the first time is immediately started dancing (and I almost never dance, so that means alot). Although my favourite is 'Safe From Harm' because it has these very good lyrics and you almost start crying when you hear it. This is actually a mix of different genres, 'Blue Lines' is jazzy, 'Hymn Of The Big Wheel' is more like poppy, 'Five Man Army' (featuring Tricky) is more dub, hip hop. The rest of the track I haven't named yet I consider as chill out-tracks, because I can't really put a label on it. Just buy it and see for yourself, this is a must-have for all decent music-lovers. You won't regret it..

  • robert easton - I'm pretty much living for castor oil these days

    Castor Oil has a thousand and one incredible uses! The reason I was so keen to get my hands on this was that I typically use Castor Oil to cleanse my face. It has an out of this world astringent property that really help my acne prone skin. Sense I've been using this, mixed with a little bit of coconut oil as the carrier oil, I have seen a remarkable different in my skin's tone and texture, I can literally massage blackheads out of my nose, and my blemishes have reduce to almost nothing. I'm pretty much living for castor oil these days!