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  • SRVFAN - Great treadmill under $1500 and great service!

    After a lot of research I decided on this particular model from Sole Fitness. It's rated as a best buy by several websites and I was not disappointed! We had a few problems with the shipping but Sole did not ask any questions and just sent the replacement parts we needed. Customer service was very responsive and fast. I had doubts originally because I am not a small man (250 Ibs) and while we do not use it every single day it does get used 3-4 days a week by me and my wife. It is built solid and sturdy. The display has all the functions and programs we need. Honestly, I don't know why people want a super fancy display or even a tv on their treadmill. It's a treadmill, not an entertainment center! I can say I would definitely recommend Sole Fitness to friends and family and strangers.

  • Amazon Customer - S*** works

    I'm 215lb 6 foot followed the directions pissed like 2 hours after I took it s*** works like gold. I thought mine would be too dilated but it was all good.. Needed it for a new job..not some little s*** ass 15$ an hour gig either

  • Charles M. - Five Stars

    Fits perfectly. Helped dog proof the 4runner and put my OCD at ease considering its my wife's daily.

  • Roby1227 - Not for your average Joe reader.

    Disappointed in the way the book was formatted. The text reads like legal documentation in my opinion.

  • Mark Luna - Quicken 2014 constantly crashes

    I've been using Quicken since it was released on diskettes. Never had trouble until 2013. That release corrupted my data file and it took a while to restore from backups and delete duplicate entries. After I don't know how many patches it seemed like a stable product. Upgraded to 2014 recently. Upgrade went smooth. However after a few days it started crashing in different places with different errors. After a few days of not being able to use it all, I downgraded back to 2013. Reluctant to give 2014 another try. May wait for 2015 or later. Or may stay with 2013 until it or I stop working.

  • Earl W. Casebeer - Its the best tax software out there

    2010: I switched from "TurboTax" to "H&R Block" bc it was less money. In 2010 after entering all sub-S information, I spent many hours on the phone with H&H B bc I could not print the filing forms. They were able to get it to work by using a work around. Not fun @##$#

  • Dr John - Consumers beware

    Before purchasing a Sage product, you should know that a valid credit or debit card number is required to install the program. This is because you are unknowingly agreeing to an expensive support program and tax updates. 2 years of support and tax updates are included with the software. After that, Sage will charge you for an annual subscription without first notifying you. This is usually around $1000 or more per year, which is absolutely absurd for what you get. I switched to ADP for payroll processing. They are charging around $1900 per year for direct deposit, BUT they also pay payroll taxes and file 940, 941, W2/W3's, and state unemployment tax returns. They also assume liability for any incorrect filings or tax payments. It costs more to run payroll with Sage and pay a CPA to do the filings than it does to outsource payroll. In the past when you could just enter the tax formulas manually or purchase tax updates each year for a couple hundred bucks, it made sense, but not anymore. Unfortunately, greed has taken over and Sage is running Peachtree into the ground.