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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • B4 It's 2 Late - Superb quality and sound with a comfortable fit

    Superb quality and sound with a comfortable fit. This is definitely the type of over the ear design you want to get for a comfortable experience if you wear them for an extended period of time. You can connect these to almost any Bluetooth device like mobile phones, laptop, iPad and even some televisions. They are great for when you exercise in the gym or you're out for a run. I purchased these at a discounted price and highly recommend them. 

  • Lori G. - Absolutely wonderful

    I have very fine hair and have never been able to use those "shampoo conditioner in one" types of products or any kind of leave-in conditioner or even fixative/styling hold products. They all made my hair lie flat against my head and appear and/or feel greasy. This stuff is amazing. I have shorter hair so I didn't use as much as they recommended, but I used about 5 pumps and rubbed it in vigorously and left it in for about 4 minutes then rinsed and my hair looks and feels amazing. I didn't want to try Wen because of the price, so I found this and ordered and for 1/3 of the introductory price of Wen, got a whole pint of this and I am so happy with it I can't stand it! I will be buying it as long as it is available and I recommend it for anyone.

  • Todd - Weathertech

    kind of fits... cheap plastic... nothing holds them in place... they just slide around... step on them once and they are maked for the life of the product. cheap plastic scratches easy. Way too expensive for the quality.

  • Deborah Houser - It had a lot of great features. However

    It had a lot of great features. However, you had to manually focus verses auto focus. One of the HDMI ports stopped working the first time we used it and the remote did not work. We had to send it back. Sellers refund policy was good. We did not have to pay to return. UPS came and picked it up. Once seller received it, my refund was dispersed.

  • Ricky Le - An excellent and complete Excel training program, highly recommended

    As a business analyst managing an Information Technology project portfolio of 50+ million dollars, I work with Excel workbooks on a daily basis. While my employer provides a training portal with several courses on Excel 2010 Basics/Intermediate/Advanced and Business Analysis using Excel, I have often found myself falling asleep while taking those courses due to dry, low quality and boring training materials. To enhance my Excel and business analysis skills, I decided to look for a good computer based training program on Excel 2010. I've bought a few programs on Excel from the major IT training providers, each costs from $99.95 to $249.99. Then one day while searching for a book on Microsoft Office Specialist exam preparation, I came across DreamForce, LLC, office training programs - among which is Microsoft Excel. At first, by looking at the price of $39.95, I thought it was a low-end training course. However, after giving this program a try and spending a week learning with this 3-Level course, I have found it to be the most complete self-training program on Excel that is available. In this program, the instructor will walk you through, step by step, all the skills you need to be proficient with this spreadsheet application and get ready to take the certification exam as a Microsoft Office Excel Specialist. You can start from scratch or from whatever point you already know in Microsoft Excel as this program covers more than 150 topics, complete with exercise files - from the basic definition such as "what it means by "a cell", "a row", "data range", "absolute vs relative range references", "name range", "function", "nested function", "argument", "formula" to the most advanced business analysis tools like sorting, filtering, graphing and charts, trend lines, sparklines, import and export of data, analyzing data using pivot tables and pivot charts. What you need to know, this course will take you there. The video lessons show the LIVE (production) Excel environment. The instruction is very easy to follow along and the instructor will let you know what you may expect to see on your OWN COMPUTER screen so that you will never miss a thing!