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  • Amazon Customer - Great product

    I have tried several other brands of eye lubricants and this one is by far the best. I can actually feel the difference immediately and it is effective for quite some time.

  • Nicholas Matt - ok here we go...

    The Xbox one is great. Ive had it since the nov. 22nd. It does everything you expect it to do. Here is what you get for the 100 dollars more than the PlayStation. You get Kinect. At first I didn't use this much except to show off. Very useful to turn my Xbox off though. Signs me in automatically 99% of the time. Never realized how lazy I sometimes am before I got this. Walking out the room while watching a movie I just say "Xbox pause" and it does. I put my stereo up real loud so the Kinect would recognize my voice clearly from anywhere in my room. You get the snap feature. Very useful for playing a game and watching TV at the same time. Didn't seem practical at the time but I use it constantly now. I am an Xbox guy and haven't owned a PlayStation but from what problems I've experienced with the PlayStation I never bought one. PlayStation 4 may be different. I have no idea. Kinect will grow on you. Trust me. When I compare Microsoft to Sony I always think... Microsoft is like Disney, they own everything! The PlayStation may be first to have twitch streaming or Facebook sharing but from what I've seen in the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 war those features WILL be added later to both consoles. To add software is one thing, to add hardware is another. PlayStation 4 has the capability to have better graphics on games and the Xbox has the capability to have a better user experience. It really all depends on what you like more. The controller, the size, the Kinect, the experience. Just remember software (apps and user interface) is one thing but hardware (Kinect, controller, and console) is another. In my opinion way worth the 100 dollars more. I mean come on, a tablet that you use primarily for web browsing cost this much. And this price will not drop for at least a year. Despite what gamers think, Microsoft is here to make money. So they only sold 3 million so far, how many of anything have you sold so far? And in 2 months. There are no problems with my console and it has a one year warranty on it. So buy now and boast or wait a year and buy it at the same price. And believe me, its as fast as they advertise it. And snap will be your best friend. And the games look great. Its just too early to judge this right now. Give me a year and ill know for sure.

  • Clyde Harden - Worked great started with 1 a day for 1st week then ...

    Worked great started with 1 a day for 1st week then went to 2 a day after gave me good energy without the shakes no crash later on in the day using for almost a month now lost about 10 - 12 lbs so far

  • Gayle Rajchel - Wrong size threads

    The description for this antenna specifically states it is for an 09 Acadia, however the thread size on the vehicle is a METRIC one (M6 x 1.0). The part I received has two sizes of STANDARD threads. After contacting the seller, CravenSpeed, they resolved this issue politely and promptly. They are sending the part I need free of charge.

  • MR-DC - Hairdresser said my hair was getting thicker

    I was so happy the last time I went to see my hair stylist. She told me my hair was looking much thicker on top (it had thinned due to thyroid issues). I have been using this product since the Fall and can really tell the difference.

  • Federico Mallo - Nice phone great price

    I bought it because a friend told me. I still have a Samsung GII but I paid for it more than double for what I paid for the BLU. It has similar features, similar size but the BLU runs the latest Android version, which is a lot better than previous ones. Screen resolution is great. Only thing I did not like is the BLU has generated its one custom icons for Gmail, browser, etc. and it surrounds them with a rounded figure that it takes to get use to it. (June 2013: this is no longer a problem with Android Jelly Bean update 4.1.1) I was planing to use them only for traveling abroad but I am using it now all the time.

  • Bruce Greenwood - Got to have cap

    It was a little difficult to get the retaining strap on the metal cap, but I got it just fine. The cap looks great.