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Country:, North America, US

City: -119.688 Oregon, United States

  • Joseph Crandall - No More EA PC Games for me

    I don't own consoles. I don't have a 360, or an PS3. I am a PC Gamer. I will always be a PC Gamer. I am tired of being treated like a pirate. I'm tired of having to call big brother EA to install my software. I like a hard copy of my games, so I don't download them using Digital Distribution methods like Steam. Untill game companies get rid of DRM, i will not buy.

  • larryb - Don't buy if you aren't an expert at installation!

    There were virtually no instructions for installation. What instruction there was wasn't understandable...unit'S lights are to dim to be any good...

  • MamaWitch - Wonderful

    LOVE this stuff. Once you get used to not having the foam/suds this is really really good stuff. I love the smell. It does not over-dry or leave my face feeling slimy. A very little of this product goes a long way. I've had this bottle for about 3 months and have not even used a 1/4 of it yet and I use it almost daily.

  • William H. - Great HDTV Streaming, easy installation and use, Go Netgear!

    I have always been pleased with the ease of installation and use of Netgear networking products and look forward to years of trouble-free service from my new Orbi installation. Superb HDTV streaming!

  • Carla - Great Product, but BEWARE of OLD product being sold

    Beware that a LOT of companies resale OLD Hope in a Jar products. The product itself should be white and fluffy, you should be able to hold it upside down with the lid off and it doesn't move {doesn't come running out}. When you apply it to your skin it should sort of sink in like water, not lay on the surface feeling oily etc. I have ordered from 4 different people on ebay and Amazon...twice I received a legitimate jar and twice I received a yellowish liquid stuff. It is likely that it is old and wasn't purposely swapped, but it is wrong for companies not to inform you that you are buying old product, so please remember to leave negative feedback to help warn others.

  • Susan - Good quality

    I was a little worried when I read the slots didn't fit some burners, but then I looked at my old drip pans and realized they only fit on one slot, and I'd never paid attention. So I ordered these, figuring they couldn't be worse. In fact, they fit my GE range/burners perfectly. They are much heavier than the flimsy ones I replaced. The color is great; my old ones had blackened with age but you could still tell they started out silver. Better to have them be all black by design. These are perfect. Only one complaint: the price went up between adding them to my cart and actually ordering, and now only a few days later it is down again. So don't put them in your cart until you are ready to order.