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  • Timothy I Norton - Motorcycle Engines love it

    I am not somebody that subscribes to 'Miracle in a Can', I have started this season knowing I was going to have to rip the carburetors out of my 2000 Yamaha Vstar 650 motorcycle because my bike had a hard time starting even with the choke. I have been running it carefully, but these cold start ups were driving me batty. Dreading the day I was going to have to disassemble my bike a family friend of mine let me onto Sea Foam. For a month I ignored his advise until I was ordering on amazon and saw the low price and thought "Why Not?". I was a fool for not ordering it sooner.

  • J. B. - Super camcorder

    I purchased the PowerLead CAM06 720P 16MP Digital Video Camcorder Camera DV DVR 2.7inch TFT LCD 16x ZOOM for Gifts-Black&Red for my wife to use instead of her phone to record video. It never seemed to matter how much space she has on her phone it is always full. With this camcorder, she can capture all the moments that she wants to and still have free space on her phone. Add a few 32GB memory cards and you can record all you need, and have a easy way to transfer the videos to your computers or other devices. She has enjoyed using this camera, and we have had no issues with it so far. I received this discounted product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive no incentives or rewards or compensation for positive reviews. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, for the benefit of other people. This review is my own and I have personally tried the product. I hope this review will be helpful to others.

  • R. Binder - Entered the license number - it doesn't work. Ugh...

    So far, I really, really hate this. I got the product super fast from Amazon - no issues there. It came in the original, legit package. Tried to install it, and entered the license and product number. It says "Invalid number. It doesn't work. I tried it several times. Doesn't work. I downloaded the product from Intuit and tried installing it again - same problem. Removed the program from the computer and started over. Still doesn't work. Tried getting some help on Intuit's site - no help there. Tried calling Intuit to get some help, and even though they say their help line is open 24/7, that doesn't mean PEOPLE are there...just a bunch of recordings. Soooo, I'm going to ask Amazon to take it back and replace it. Will post an update then. I don't believe this problem is due to anything that Amazon caused or did wrong, but I hope they can help me get it straightened out. My guess is the sticker for the license had some mistake. We'll see...

  • Farmuel - Quicken - the biggest rip off

    Quicken is making millions making every business buy new payroll software every year. It takes a programmer about 5 minutes to put in new tables and they make millions WHAT A RIPOFF. Someone needs to design a payroll program that will allow the consumer to simply change the tables yearly

  • A. Anderson - Disappointed- Complete Failure

    They had the opportunity to make a workable program but they left their customers scratching heads. If you don't know someone that already uses it then you will be left for days just hunting and pecking until you can plot a course. But before you even get there you have to install drivers for the GSP that will not configure itself with the program. Be ready to reboot several times and doing driver repairs on your system USB ports and more reboots. All this to get ready to manually configure the GPS device in their own program! - REALLY DELORME - WTH?

  • shoppingfordeals - Great concept for Leapfrog, but some downfalls

    This is a great idea for little kids wanting an ipad-type toy. Durable & well-made. There are some new, cute & creative games, but not many. I'm very dissapointed in that there really are a limited amount of downloadable games available. Leapfrog should make all of their existing games available to download onto the LeapPad. The whole point is to eliminate the need to carry around and possibly lose cartridges. Also, I am appauled that although certain popular in-depth games such as Mr. Pencil are downloadable, they're priced higher at $25!!!! That's ludicrous being that it's for download. Most of their apps/games are $10. Leapfrog... Please make the existing games downloadable online at a cheaper price!

  • Lesilie M. - Great

    We just moved from Kansas to Southeast Texas and Spanish is going to be a huge helper for us as most of the population speaks it as well as English. I think it's easy to use and I like that there is a male and female interpretor. Sometimes he's easy to understand than her. The picture and words are great visual helpers.