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  • Brad Mills - What a crazy and cool technology. Practical for not obstructing your hearing.

    I'm an early adopter of new technologies, and much like VR - it's hard to describe the experience of using bone conduction for sound.

  • Amazon Customer - Needed to maintain supply after going back to work.

    I had started going back to work, but still really wanted to strictly feed my baby breastmilk. My supply lowered significantly after being back at work for a month, so I decided to try this before caving and buying formula. It seemed to help just enough! The taste is a little funky, but I add it to smoothies and it tastes great.

  • Nicole Edwards - ... purchased from Craven Speed and I have been very pleased with both purchases

    This is the second antenna I have purchased from Craven Speed and I have been very pleased with both purchases.

  • Lorens - Great Album, Cole World!!

    Cole to heat up the Winter. Great Album!!! Production is definitely better in this album. Even though he has no feature in this album, he kills. The album not having any features make the album more personal and real because you can feel what Cole is trying to say and express. Don't like dropping this word, but this album can be a Classic, amazing job from Cole!!

  • Kaila Schnackenberg - Double Duty!

    I purchased these because I am currently both pregnant and breastfeeding and these seemed to be the best of both worlds. So far, they are working out wonderfully. They seem to contributing to my health and I haven't noticed any side effects (bad taste, hard to swallow, etc) so I am pleased. I love that it came with 120 pills so I won't have to purchase a refill anytime soon. I would definitely recommend these vitamins.