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  • Kindle Customer - Heartwarming Holiday Romance!

    You could call Cain "disagreeable and stubborn." He definitely wasn't a morning person. He wasn't cruel, just stiff. That's how Julia, his neighbor, saw him. Cain saw Julia as too chipper and overly friendly. Truthfully, they both lived behind carefully, self- erected walls. Could the magic of Christmas help take those walls down? Or maybe technology...

  • Trinady D Edmonson - not for me, but they were for my husband!

    I purchased these for myself after taking back my Plantronics Backbeat Fit earbuds. I liked the design of these and they had great reviews! I got them and almost instantly knew i wouldn't keep them. Pros: They have great sound quality, are comfortable and are magnetic when not in use. Cons for me is this.....i do NOT like the volume rocker hanging out and feeling heavier on that side. I ended up giving these to my husband (he loves them and doesn't mind the volume rocker) and ordering TaoTronics over the ears buds that have a more firm silicone behind the neck strap. I love them so much. I do overall think this is a great company that makes awesome affordable products. So now we both have a pair and we're both happy! Funny how we can have different preferences!

  • L. Cherry - Major disappointment: the bad reviews were right

    I was really excited about maybe having found a less expensive alternative to the Vitamix for making really healthy smoothies with lots of fruit and vegies. Unfortunately, I think that product has yet to be made. This particular product, although good looking and nicely packaged, does not perform as advertised and has a severe engineering defect to boot. My major complaints:

  • Annalese - Wonderful item, high price.

    I own several items made by StackAShelf and they are for the most part wonderful pieces. The material is spotless when unpacked, and the wood is very smooth and consistent in grain. However, like the other review said, is not the most economic way to shop for this particular brand, as it can be found much cheaper at places like Target and Fred Meyer. Happy shopping!

  • Kris - Not compatible with mint

    Doesn't link with Mint so its completely worthless to me unless I want to go back through years of transactions fixing everything. Also, several accounts it didn't pick up properly. Its always a shame when you buy something and immediately realize its unusable.

  • J. Ben Reisz - Very Poor Product

    Got into this program when I got a call from a fellow claiming to be with Microsoft. He started off by saying that Microsoft was in receipt of numerous error messages received from my computer. He agreed to fix the problems by installing PC Matic. I was hesitant at first because I've had bad experiences with these people in the past. After installing and charging me $100, the damned program didn't work. I contacted PC Matic, jumped thru all their hoops, and was informed that they don't provide computer repair, live tech support, or remote access. In other words, they told me to "go away." They will not dupe me again. Believe me, this is a crappy product for which there is no support, and don't expect much from the limited performance of this turkey.

  • Pamela Vander Heyden..home chef - UNsatisfied Chef

    I purchased the Pro Pic NuWave cooking element, and a grill. After opening the package I seasoned the grill and got it ready for a luncheon at my home. I was going to make Grilled Shrimp and Pineapple Salad.. The heating element has a red ring that extends six inches from the center. This is the hottest part of the element. I prepare the food that is to be grilled, and place the grill on the burner, it fits snugly. Then I see the plastic drip cup that is to be fastened to the side. Now that it is attached the grill fits off the heating element, 3 ". In the instruction booklet, it says do NOT use any pans that extend over the edge of said burner. Now what? Well, they designed it, it must be intended to work this way, although I am very skeptical. I now have a grill that works for 6" of heating and 6" that do not heat. This is not going to fare well. I will cook this luncheon piece meal. I cook the pineapple and place it on a warmer plate. Then I grill three skewers of shrimp at a time, there are only six more to cook. I am not happy about this. Lunch is served 20 minutes late. While they dine, I, as directed by the booklet, slip the grill into hot soapy water and use my nylon scrubbie on it, nothing budges. My husband takes a turn scrubbing it, it barely gives up the ghost of food. I now have a grill that appears dirty and rough to the touch, and it is off center since that is the way the grill fits.. After the ladies leave, I look up the customer service number to tell them I would like to return this for a full refund. The number on the back of the booklet does not even ring. The second number gives me a recording that says this number is NOT a working number. I thumb through the book and find a third number, this one gets me customer service. They tell me they will accept it, but I must pay another $70 to ship it back, and they may also charge me a shelving fee. We are now at a cost of over half the items. I am even more unhappy. I speak with three operators, and two managers, no one can do anything for me. I don't understand, quite frankly, why I should pay for an item that is designed to fail. Their poor design, my fault? I don't think so. A promise to call me back again never happens. I have written to the Better Business Bureau of Illinois. I hope they can clear this issue up for me, the staff of my magazine are waiting to see what the conclusion of this issues will be.