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  • GPFord - Does what it is supposed to do.

    I ordered the Waterpik Ultra only after first talking to my dentist and then checking out the user reviews. I had been told that using Waterpik-type instruments was not recommended by dentists because of a concern about their tendency to push food further into the gums next to the teeth. My dentist said such was not the case, and he highly recommended that I use one. I then read the various reviews and decided on the Waterpik Ultra aware of the concerns about its water pressure and the short tube. While I agree that the water tube is a little short, it has not caused me any difficulty at all in using it. Likewise with the water pressure. I have found the water pressure to be more than adequate. In fact, I have yet to turn the pressure to its highest level since Level 8 does an excellent job. My only complaint with the Waterpik Ultra is that I wish the water tank was a little larger. I find that it sometimes runs out of water before I am finished. Other than that minor complaint, I am completely satisfied with the Waterpik Ultra. I still marvel at the sight of food falling into the sink even after I have thoroughly brushed my teeth. That is the best evidence that it does what it is supposed to do.

  • CurvyDiva - Why wash dishes?

    I am lazy and the dishwasher broke. I ordered these and they are a bit small for adult dinners but we are using them anyway. I recently gifted some to a friend with some freezer meals as well.

  • E Randolph - Computer Concepts 2010

    Excellent book, well writtenm, easy to use. It's a great book for people who want to know more about a variety of computer topics.

  • M. Kaplan - Best of the review books

    I tried Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Barron's PCAT books, and this one was the best. The diagnostic test at the beginning is a great place to start so you can get your bearings on what you need to focus on. The study material presented for each subtest is concise, but pretty comprehensive. Especially for the chemistry and biology sections, use it for review - don't use it as a primary learning source. Yes, there were a few typographical errors in this book, but there are WAY more in the Princeton Review materials!! The full length test online is extremely useful, and I would strongly recommend taking it as if it were the real thing (to simulate the test taking experience). I definitely recommend this PCAT book over others that are out there (and not just because my name is Kaplan!).

  • Eric - Did Not Work for Me

    Followed instructions to the T but it showed no noticeable difference. Only had a slight crack in head gasket after pulling head, which is what this product is supposed to fix. My mechanic told me ahead of time it was probably a waste of money but I wanted to try in hopes of buying a few months.

  • arewethereyet - Very Happy So Far.

    I chose a HAAN because my last was the grade below this one and I loved. Only problem was I had to fill it up to do every room, plus it didn't swivel. My friend has this model and recommended it and I'm glad I went with her advise. The reservoir lasts for two large rooms and two small rooms of tile. It heats up almost immediately, comes with two pads so you can change them out half way through and after a quick rinse just throw them in the washing machine. I read a review that complained about the machine not cleaning!! This is not a vacuum cleaner it's a steam cleaner; you do have to sweep or Swiffer or vacuum before using it, as I would hope you would do before doing any kind of mopping. This beats any mop you could ever own, no more pushing a wet mop back and forward, this glides across the room, cleaning and sanitizing as it goes. Floors are dry in about a minute, nice long cord, can't think of anything else, I was concerned about a vibrating noise that my smaller model didn't have, turns out that's the water heating up. Oh I did try to use the hand held part to clean the tub tile in my sons bathroom, it was hard to manipulate and I ended up just using the bartenders friend and scrubbing as usual. I will post back in a year.