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  • Lauren Alarie - excited for the new me!

    I recently received this scar remover cream in hopes of diminishing the appearance of a scar on my face that occurred when I had surgery to remove a cyst just below my eye which developed due to getting hit by a ball as a teenager. I have read other peoples reviews and the majority of reviewers have nothing but good things to say about this product and the brand in general for which they have several products in their line. So far so good. I think this product is better than scar removal/ scar diminishing products I have used in the past. I'm not going to say anything bad about those other brands or even mention the name because I feel that would be unethical of me. I already notice a difference on my dark spots from acne, now i will have to continue use and wait it out to see results on this deep gnarly scar from bad surgery. I mean that is typical to have to use the product longer on heavier scars. I have faith. I will keep everyone updated!

  • sexyblue - I wouldn't recommend this

    So I used it on my work shoe just like the pix on the box showed. It turn my shoes white when my shoes are light brown. The first can was fine, but the second one mess up my work shoes. It did what it said it would it keep anything from messing it up because it was cover in white. It was like dry ice I will never again buy this, unless your going to use it on a white surface.

  • John - Great monitor for the price point if you don't want mind no HDMI/VESA without a kit

    Got this for a pretty good deal. Read a lot of reviews and the full specs. Best price for the screen size, IPS and etc.

  • Sydney Jacobs - Pretty Good...Decent on Black Hair

    I got this as an alternative to Wen because of the price. While I don't like spending $11 on a sulfate free product, I'd rather spend that than $20, $30 for sulfate free shampoo that will run out fast.

  • brittany hall - Great album!

    This album showcases her voice so well. Gaga always keeps a concept or theme of her albums, and this is no different.

  • Mrs. Susan M. Herring - CCA exam prep

    This book was horrible...It was very hard to understand and follow especially since I had recently finished my coding courses...This book in no way makes me confident to take my CCA...There has got to be something better than this...In my opinion this was a waste of my time and money...