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  • Maria Zavarella - ... for so many years and he always continue to amazed me with his positivity

    Joel osteen has been my savior for so many years and he always continue to amazed me with his positivity . Been in a dark moment in my life for different reason and situations this book help me to see life in a different way and give me the energy to continue with this journey we called life .

  • RICHARD B. SCOTT - joining wood using gorilla glue

    easy to use,stores well, sandable, stainable, bonds extremely well. a truly excellent product for wood. I am now expanding my uses to other materials and find it excellent also. I highly recommend the product.

  • Bill - I love this thing!

    I fell for the advertising and bought the cooktops (2). They work well with my Allclad cookware. That was over a year ago. I literally use these every day, now. I haven't used my kitchen stove in a year! (well, I still use the oven.) The ONLY downside to these is the size of the hearing coil inside. It's about 6" in diameter (at least the PIC and the PIC 2 are 6") so larger pots don't heat as evenly and it takes a long time to boil a large pot of water. I don't know if the coils in the latest versions are larger. But they work flawlessly. And when it comes to deep frying they're great. The really do keep the oil temp steady.

  • Kuro - Not really a one handed opener.

    The tools in this leatherman are great. The screwdrivers are easily accessed and the belt loop is robust. The blade is excellent quality, but I have a serious complaint. Despite the thumb bolt, this knife is very difficult to open one handed. There point of a one handed open is to make it easy to access a knife very quickly and with minimal effort or thought. That is not possible on this knife. I tried a lot to make this knife smoother to open, I even worked it open and closed for an hour and it seemed to bind up rather than get looser. They may have made it this way intentionally to prevent it from accidentally opening while flopping around on your belt loop, so at least the decision makes sense. My advice to leatherman: get rid of the loop, make the blade a quick open like kershaw, with a pointer finger assist so I can buy my dream multi tool from the American company with the best warranty in the business.

  • Tommy Little - MLB 2012 Topps Baseball Retail Card Factory Set

    I ordered what I was expecting to be an upopened, sealed factorcy set of 2012 Topps MLB trading cards , and that is exactly what I recieved. Very appreciative of it.

  • Maya Reti - Stellar Customer Service

    If you're looking for something lightweight, yet sturdy and comfortable - this is the perfect stroller.