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  • Nancy Cordell - Quicken got me out of debt - all the way!

    I use Quicken once a week on saturday morning with my coffee and receipts. It's powerful. I love the feature to connect to my bank and download cleared transactions as well as the balance to reconcile to. I used Quicken without the download and it took 1 hour a week to reconcile the checkbook and credit card statement. I began using the download and reduced the time to 30 minutes. I can do reports to determine how much I need to project for my employer's Health Care Spending account for the year as well as track Child Care spending. You can connect to your Turbo Tax software but haven't done this one yet. Invest the time on a regular basis and you will watch miracles on your screen. This is easy to use, has everything I ever wanted to track my home finances. I love this software and will use it for years to come. I recommend it to my friends. I tend to keep the oldest version because the newest is so pricy. If you use the auto download features, they make you stay within three years of updates. I am on 2010 now and it just rolled to 2013 version. They will send me reminder that if I don't update to a newer version, I will lose the download capability. Reviews indicate there was either 2011 or 2012 problems in software so ready the other experiences. I will read before getting the next version and I won't be buying 2013 in 2013 - too pricy. Love the home inventory section to track furniture, electronics and other household items. I tracked my car loan, my home loan all the way until I paid them off! You can watch your net worth go from red to black. It is amazing. Prayer over your finances for wisedom, is the key, then a tool and working your plans. I am a single mom with two kids and I have no home loan, no car loan and pay as I go. Quicken helped me do that. I hope this inspires you to be able to take charge of your finances and get debt free! This was the first year I paid my own property tax and house insurance without an escrow account on a home loan. Quicken helped me to lay aside the money to have it when I needed it. Quicken will help you see where you spend money, produce reports for taxes. It's powerful and wonderful. Get it and USE it!

  • Amazon Customer - Elves, Paladins, and Romans! Oh my!

    To get lost in a wonderful world/setting, premise, interesting characters. This is why I love books. This one does that for me. It doesn't have the prose or word rich vivid descriptions of Tolkien or Patrick Rothfuss. Nor does it have the total

  • jus_jerry - One of the best

    I used Kasperky for quite a few years until one day I had an issue and their customer service representatives best advice was to request a refund, I did. I started using Avast after reading lots... of reviews and it worked flawlessly. Even on a computer that suffered some issues after my Kasperky experience. So to make a long story short my issues kept getting worse, and eventually Avast wouldn't boot up. I called their tech-line and after they saw I was having issues with restarting my computer they asked to allow them to come in and see what was going on. So to make and even longer story short , I put them on speaker phone and I literally had two meals, my lunch and dinner while their technician removed things added things had me rebooting until finally 6 hours later the Avast Technician says, "Sir? I'm sure that this will be the last reboot let's give it a try" I did and everything worked as it should he explained what he'd found and asked if their would be anything else I needed? I was truly impressed with their determination and the length of time that they were willing to go too to satisfy a customer. As for their antivirus and internet security one of the simplest that I've ever used and trust it wholeheartedly. I recommend it to my friends and family and usually give my extra copies to friends and family that are reluctant to trying something new. So if you're looking at this as your next antivirus/internet security you are making a great choice.

  • webermj - Mixed Fellings

    I have mixed feelings about this Biil. I'm not a big fan of the darker stories, although this one held my interest. The chapters are written in a "before and after" sequence