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  • Vaginal Health | Vaginal Infections | Yeast Infection Causes - AZO - About 75% of women will experience at least one vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime. Learn more about the causes and how to prevent future recurrences.
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  • Yeast Infection Management | Managing a Yeast Infection - AZO - The key to yeast or vaginal infection treatment is proper diagnosis. See your doctor first. They may prescribe an antifungal medicine to treat the infection.
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  • Maintain Bladder Control | Bladder Health Products | AZO Bladder - While it’s not always possible to prevent bladder control loss, there are a things you can do to increase your chances of maintaining a healthy bladder.
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  • Robert - Best Flashlight I've ever owned

    Great flashlight.It's amazing for hunting and in the blind. The clip is great to keep on the pocket or on the ammo belt. Have bought for family members and never have a complaint. The best part is it uses AA or AAA batteries instead of the crazy expensive batteries that are hard to find. Best money I've ever spent for a light for multi uses.

  • Belle Helene - I owe my sanity to Relacore!

    Initially I suffered from so much stress, depression and anxiety that it was hard for me to accomplish much in a day. I would almost panic at some of the simplest tasks. I had a gut and I saw an advertisement for Relacore that claimed that it would reduce my belly fat and stress, I thought that the belly fat gone would be the great part and the stress relief would be a perk but it turned out quite the opposite way! I was pleasant, relaxed, had more energy to complete whatever I set forth to do for the day and I was sane! My boyfriend noticed the changes saying "Honey youre so happy and calm! What are you doing? " I told him and he tried it too. It worked beautifully for him as well. You never feel "medicated" or "drugged" it's very natural feeling as its made up primarily of vitamins and a few herbs. The point at which you would normally feel that flood of acid in your stomach and your body tense up because the bill collector called or someone cut you off in traffic or the kids are screaming, you just dont! That physical reaction just dosent happen and you get to stay yourself and react calmly and rationally instead of panicking,crying, exploding or freezing up. I have other friends who suffer from anxiety and depression who have tried it and were smiling and pleasant, not over stimulated or "medicated" after a few days of use! I sware by it! Oh yeah and it helps reduce belly fat too. lol

  • K. M. Guidry - As good as the rest.

    An enjoyable read. Several plot lines that wrapped up neatly, but almost too neatly. The bad guys didn't have any complexity. The cop humor and interplay between Virgil and his cohorts is always fun.

  • Sbphoto - love it

    i love this product.. you can do it two ways.. just drink the juice with water for two days or drink the juice and only eat fruit with it... ive done it both ways and i've gotten result.. i do the detox when ever i need to get over a hump... the taste is good taste like fruit juice but thats what it is fruits and veggies... they sale it at walmart this amazon normally have a better deal when you buy more than one bottle...