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  • David - Poor Customer Service

    After I installing my Street Atlas 2014 on my Windows 7 PC, it came up with an error message and closed. I reinstalled several times. I put in a help ticket with tech support. The replied with a proposed solution that did not work. After calling Tech support, they said that that was the only solution that they had and were unwilling to go any further with it. I spent more time waiting on hold then I did with the tech support person. I installed it on a old XP computer and got it to work. Apparently, it doesn't run on all Windows 7 computers and tech support does not know which ones it doesn't run on. My experience with Delorme was about the same experience as HealthCare.gov.

  • Brad Werner - Tech support was great. Took less than an hour from getting tools ...

    Tech support was great. Took less than an hour from getting tools out to putting them away after completing.

  • BlahBlahBlah - unsorted

    The random numbers in this book are not sorted. It would be much easier to find the numbers you were looking for if the numbers appearing in the book in numerical order.

  • Jonathan - This is a great modifier for the money

    This is a great modifier for the money. Awesome quality of light and the setup / tear down isn't too bad.

  • Corrie ten Boom "Liz" - Best Shampoo Brand for Colored Hair in Decades!!

    Originally I bought this in a city at a hair salon. Then I spent a year trying to find it elsewhere closer to home. My hair is colored and this Oribe is the best I have ever found.

  • Jennifer L. Stipe - Good for general home use.

    For the price, this is a decent set of knives for people like me who aren't professional chefs and don't have the patience/discipline to maintain a more high quality set of knives. I've been using these for about a week now. The butcher knife is heavier than my former Farberware version, but the other knives are similar in weight. The block they come in is small and elegant, good for kitchens with tight storage space. I've mostly hand washed them but have run the smaller steak knives through the dishwasher, in the silverware racks on the bottom, without problems thus far. The knives are a bit on the light side, except for the butcher, so if you like a heavier feel to your knives you may want to find another set.

  • Thomas - No real-time travel estimate (origin to destination, mileage calc ...

    No real-time travel estimate (origin to destination, mileage calc, stops, etc.) Awkward travel planner. Requires a download of phone book data to obtain most accurate results - if any.