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  • Amazon Customer - Great Travel Sizes

    I love these little bottles. They are great for traveling. I really like the Wen Hair Care items. My scalp is oily so I have to use regular shampoo every so often. Most of the time, all I need is the Wen shampoo and my hair looks and feels great.

  • Erin Woodell - Get Running Sooner Postpartum!

    Like many new moms, I was in a big hurry to start exercising and losing baby weight. To my dismay, I learned that jogging strollers are not safe for infants. Enter the BOB Car Seat Adapter! My prayers were answered. This super simple attachment has made my BOB Revolution Flex able to accommodate the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat. Now I can jog safely with my baby until he is big enough to sit in the BOB seat on his own. I love that the adapter makes the car seat face me so I can also look at my baby, talk, and interact with him while I run. The only downside to this adapter is the price-- it seems a bit steep but at the end of the day it is totally worth it to be able to be active and safe with your baby.

  • Bowie B. - Did wonders!

    Azo is the number one brand for preventing and curing symptoms for women! I have used the Azo brand for 5 years now. I would get uti's every month and had to change a lot in my diet. No orange juice, lemonade, coffee, etc. I take the Azo uti, cures symptoms within mintutes, also the Azo yeast infection, same results. I take the cranberry Azo everyday and have not had issues for over 6 months. These pills have made it possible to eat and drink anything now without worrying.

  • Jacqueline James - The cable can be adjusted with supplied clips

    I just wanted to get rid of the wires! My expectations weren't high for these as previous 'wireless' headphones I owned were poor quality. So I thought I'd try some in-ear Bluetooth earphones. I am very, very pleased with these. I have been listening for the last three hours to music etc via my Samsung Galaxy S4. They are so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them.The sound quality is very good too. Reasonable bass, distinct treble .

  • jasmansr - Less for More

    Security badly orchestrated. Database program NOT included. As always, Excel is supreme, and Word continues to be excessively controlled and monitored using options that, as usual, can not be located, i.e.. initial caps. Also, spending over a hundred in late 2014 what was available in 2011 is way excessive.