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  • Kelly Wilson - Prepare to change your life!

    Think Better, Live Better is a classic Joel Osteen book. His books have a way to leave a lasting imprint on your heart. This book will help you to realize how you think determines how you live. Tune out the negativity, doubt, and all the internal voices that say you can't and tune in to your calling. Your calling that God has planned for you. Once you close out all the negativity you can begin to live the life God has always planned for you. You will be abundantly blessed. Something that will stay with me is how easy the words that Joel Osteen speaks in his books are pretty much common sense, however, for what ever reason, we aren't listening and we are doing just the opposite in our everyday life. I loved how he demonstrated about worrying. Worrying is like to mediate on the wrong. Why would you do this. You can reach a new level of victory if you stop thinking negative thoughts. You will be blessed if you don't let negative thoughts rent space in your mind and soul. It's time to put that eviction notice on the door and time to engage in the present and positive of each and every day. Don't block your blessings with these negative thoughts.

  • Bumble Bee Tuna - The start was pretty funny. The build up was great and then ...

    After hearing all the negative reviews, I went in expecting not much. The start was pretty funny. The build up was great and then this movie went south. About half way through, it the jokes became stale. The main baddie was not even up to par. Too bad.

  • Kate - works great

    My brother is an entomologist and advise me to use this product! He was right! Worked amazing and we were worried because we have a dog! This product says safe for animals from Petco! A little pricey.

  • Nolan - NOT a 3-pack.

    I ordered this item through Ron's Home and Hardware. Upon arrival, I discovered only one bottle of shampoo contained within the packaging. Upon contacting the seller, I received this response:

  • D. Williams - Top Notch

    The best aerosmith concert film yet. Yes, this is a straight concert....while I loved the live in Japan film, it was more of a documentary. The film and sound quality are top notch, although I would have preferred a release of a US show from the 2014 tour as opposed to a festival gig. On this release we miss the aerosmith staging as well as some deeper cuts from shows that same year (kings and queens, etc). Overall though, these are small critiques from a die hard fan wishing for more archival releases. Hopefully we will see those type of releases in the future. For now, this release is a must have!