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  • Jess Foust - Best glass cleaner on the market

    Invisible Glass is the only thing I use on detailing cars. This product is also safe to use on tinted windows. This can is easy to spray and does not leave streaks. We don't just use this for our vehicle but for the windows in my house and in our shop. This provides great results.

  • Priscilla - Enough for the price

    I went through this bottle faster than I expected. It works but for some reason I think there are only about 10 in the bottle

  • DE area resident - Not Intuitive; Fails to Fix What Wasn't Broken

    Let me start by explaining that my two star rating is mainly out of frustration that Microsoft fumbled such an easy play with Word 2010. Microsoft had millions of customers using and dependent upon previous versions of Word. All it needed to do to please this captive customer base was fix glitches/annoyances from prior versions and perhaps add a smattering of new capability. (Although frankly I can't imagine what new capability might be needed for a word processing program like this one, but let's assume for sake of argument that the art has advanced.) Instead, Microsoft made the user interface radically different, more complicated, and less user friendly. Tasks that used to take one or two clicks suddenly require three, four, or more. "Print to One Page" disappears as a default option and must be specially installed in a process that takes about a dozen steps. As you begin using this program, the new frustrations seem endless.

  • Richard G. - A wallet case to consider!

    I usually don’t use wallet cases unless they bring something big to the table, mainly because I find the flap annoying when I’m taking pictures or playing games. However, I decided to give them another try with this Spigen Wallet S for the Galaxy S7 edge.

  • Marie Antionette - I absolutely love this machine...and it works!

    I ordered this machine and wasn't getting my hopes up that it would solve my hair problem. I have a very good hair gene passed on from both my mother and father!! Yikes, not so good for a girl child. I have used it twice and have seen a very good improvement in the growing back of hair. It has reduced the hair growth substantially. I am fair skinned and the hair is dark. If that is your situation then buy this machine and forget about laser treatments. I had 2 costly laser treatments. Not as good of a result as this little machine. My 2nd laser treatment caused a lot of swelling in my face and it didn't go away for about 3 or 4 days...not good. My SensEpil machine caused a little redness that went away over night. I did my first treatment on setting #3 and it didn't hurt so I bumped it up to the max - #5! I have done 2 treatments and can't wait to do the 3rd one. I guess you should try your first treatment like the instruction booklet says, but I was so anxious to have some relief from the hair that I cranked that baby up to #5! Didn't bother my face at all. Everybody's skin is different though so be cautious at first. Read the details about hair growth so you understand about the cycles of hair growth. No use zapping if the new hairs aren't in a growth spurt. I am going to be zapping that hair into oblivion! I had become very self-conscious about the hair on my face and I shaved every day. It was my dirty little secret and now I can look forward to some major relief. It may seem costly, but you can use it over and over until you get the results you want. You can use it anywhere you want--I plan on starting on underarm hair and working down to my legs!!

  • Suzy Kosier - works great.

    Sally Hershberger products for thin hair are the best I have used yet, note.. a little goes a long way..

  • Jaimee Dorvall - Best Booger Sucker EVER!!!!

    This is the best invention ever as far as nose suckers go. As a nurse and I can tell you this thing is like hooking up to wall suction at the hospital it's amazing. I bought 5 different nose suckers because we were at our wits ends with getting snot out, we had been using the blue bulb syringe they give you at the hospital and it worked but nothing like this this thing is fast and does it's job in a matter of seconds. We have gotten MAN size Boogers out of my little 6 month old baby. She can breath, doesn't choke or gag on her snot. The only down fall is having your vaccume out but WHO really cares when you see the results.