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  • R. DeSisto - Breakthrough?

    This book is very dated. When published in 1998 there was very little known about DHEA. The author admits this. He admits that there is little experimental evidence to justify his conclusions. He may have a master's degree in biochemistry, but many of his conclusions are based on pseudoscience. In other words, my conclusions must be correct because men are basically animals and animals living in the wild act so and so. Blah, blah blah.

  • Brian F. - I will start off by saying the product seems to ...

    I will start off by saying the product seems to work. I had a small leak in my upper radiator and after I introduced Bar's I am no longer loosing fluid. On the down side, I think the Bar's may be killing my thermostat. Ever since I put the Bar's into my radiator, my thermostat has been acting up. It started by not opening until the temp reached 220 or so, much to hot since the thermostat is a 185 unit. Now it is opening before 185, which is also weird. Moral of my story is that Bar's seems to have fixed my leaky radiator but it may have also killed my thermostat.

  • Carrie Bowers - very impressed

    I'm very impressed with how much quickbooks for mac can do. so far it seems like a great buy. plus it was a lot cheaper to buy on Amazon than to buy off the quickbooks website. I tried QuickBooks online at first and it did only a fraction of what this version can do.

  • Amazon Customer - Ikyl

    Baby this book was everything. And yes it was very different, it showed how real love does exist and doesn't have a time limit on it. I loved how the plot was not centered around drugs, being a trap queen, and all the lies and cheating. Only reason why I gave a four because it was extremely too short. I read it in under 2 hours. Please hurry with part 2.

  • patel123 - easy

    great book with all the requirements. i will prob buy the 2014 too when its out, this is a great book

  • B. Crutcher - Yet another version

    I have used Act since 1991. IMHO it is over engineered. This version separates companies from individual contacts and has a new learning curve. I have yet to be able to get it configured with any e-mail client. Since computers don't come with modems now, they need to work out a dialer included with the program. My external Zoom modem is not compatible with a 64 bit OS. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

  • D K Bach - Look Closely

    The designers / engineers were not thinking very well / clearly on this one, be careful!! They have jambed the #1 (Main) PCI slot right up next to the RAM slots. This causes a problem when yoiu have a video card installed in that slot. The bottom locks for the RAM when in the "unlock" position actually overlap the PCI slot, so you need to install all of the RAM chips "first" before the V. Card. If you are an over clocker, you will have to go with a water cooling system for the CPU. The type of "air cooling" unit you would need will be too big to use due to the cooler WILL overlap the PCI slot as well, then you can't install a V. Card, period. I have a V8 Cooler Master, forget it, it won't work. You have about 2 1/2" from the center of the CPU to the V. Card, not manny air coolers will fit and the ones that do, do not have the cooling it really needs for high end OC's, they will run on the high temp. side. Almost all the power connections are angled sideways so be sure your case drive bays are not too close to the board or installing the plugs may be a problem. I'm returning mine for a different brand, VERY disappionting.