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  • Trish M McDermott - Enticing to say the least

    Can't wait to visit the places you recommend and the restaurants, too. Thanks for making our trip easier to digest and plan. You have a thorough guide that anyone can use.

  • GI Jane - Very good product!

    My hair had been falling out excessively, prior to starting this brand of biotin. It fell out constantly, especially when I washed It. It was falling out to the point that I had to cut 8 inches off because it was looking very thin, and took prenatal vitamins daily. I saw a doctor and dermatologist, and neither one had a solution that I didn't already try, from vitamins, to new shampoo. I knew it wasn't chemical damage causing it to fall out, because I do not color my hair. After about 2 weeks of taking this once every night, I am now losing my hair at a normal rate of 40-100 hairs per day. After 1 month, I now have some new, short hair growth, particularly in the temples, which is very exciting, even though it's gray. I highly recommend this product to the folks with unexplainable hair loss. It can't hurt, it can only help. Added bonus, the product shipped quickly and my nails are much stronger too. I didn't notice any change in my skin however, as some people say that biotin aides in healthy skin. Hope this helps!

  • katlantis - I suspect a formula change since I last purchased this.

    I'm pretty sure they've changed the formula in the past few years. I used to have a serious "problem" kitty and used this all the time. I had a recent, one-time event on a wool rug with my current kitty and immediately selected this product with which I've had a history of success; it smells like a different product now and performs a fraction as well as it used to when the bottle was black with yellow label. Booo. I wouldn't buy it again; while the old formula was amazing, this one, not so much.

  • Green Fish - Fantastic

    My Jeep Cherokee was sputtering and check engine light came on. The reading said it was cylinder 3 misfire. Probably do to the cheap gas and ethanol now a days. I filled up the tank with 93 octane and dumped this can of Sea Foam in. Half way through the tank, Sputtering stopped and light went off. WOW! 10 Gas tanks later it still runs smoother than when I bought it.

  • wisconsinmike - Saved the day after disappointing Xfinity implementation

    I was a little skeptical after reading all the 5 star reviews, but now I get it. Initially, I purchased an Xfinity (Comcast) router/cable modem/wireless access point. The reviews on that product were correct - the wireless is almost useless. The problem was solved within 15 minutes after the Almond arrived. Download speeds (using the Comcast speedtest site) went from 10 (with the Xfinity wifi) to 56 mbps for nearby computers, and from less than 1 (again using the Xfinity wifi) to a solid 12 mbps for laptops 35 ft away. It was easy to set up - I put the Xfinity router in bridge mode so the Securifi was acting as the NAT or main router. I downloaded the iPhone app, and have been successful in monitoring and even rebooting the router (located in Houston) from Wisconsin.