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  • mollie chun - It's almost the same as Casiono 2008

    Not much improvement over Casino 2008. Lost feature in 2008 where in the craps, you can see how much is bet by placing the cursor on stack of chips. Slots are very simplistic nowhere similar to real casino slots.

  • Ann Walz - My weekly source of fine writing, clever cartoons and much more.

    I have read this in depth magazine for 50 years. The wide ranging subject matter allows the reader to explore a variety of political, scientific articles written clearly and open to all. The fiction and poems are always well chosen and often introduce one to new sources of creative genius as do the book reviews , and movie criticism etc.

  • Jeff Medina - A not so happy ending.

    Though I'm sure this product is effective but it all depends on the type of breach in the head gasket you gave. I was truly hopeful based on the many positive success videos I saw on YouTube that it would do the trick. But unfortunately my story didn't have a successful ending. I called the manufacturer and they were more than willing to refund me the purchase price with proof of purchase. I should've followed up but haven't. It's all good though, the fact they said they would was testimony enough to say they believe in their product and will honor their warranty. Like I said my situation was beyond a quick fix, but I certainly believe its better to go with a cheap fix before an expensive one.

  • Patio in MN - Simple shoe storage

    My wife has way too many shoes and they are quite capable of taking over the entry way. This stackable shoe rack is the answer in the shoe battle. If you need more storage, stack then together. Litterally took about 4 mintues to put together with a screw driver.

  • Vicky A - Functions perfectly or so I thought... read update.

    I was excited to order this since I need another diffuser. I immediately put it to use the moment it arrived. It was packaged well and arrived intact. The box contains the diffuse, the cord and a little plastic cup for adding water. It's is nice that the cord is detachable. When attached, it runs flush against the bottom, so no issue with it being unbalanced to cause it to tip over. I had a little difficulty opening the diffuser to add water. The outside of it is pretty slick, so make sure your hands are dry and free of lotion. Once I got it open, it was easier the next time. The cup that comes with it holds a bit more water than what is marked on the unit, so keep that in mind. I added water and some essential oil (peppermint and lavender). I switched through all the different colors of lights and settled on the dark blue. It's nice that it has different colors to choose from. I sometimes run it with no light at all. It has two settings for diffusing. One setting runs 30 seconds and off 30 seconds. The other is continuous. I love that it has an automatic shut off. I tend to just set it and forget it. The automatic shut off refers to the diffuser only though. The power light will remain on as will the night light if you have that on. This isn't an issue for me, just something to take note of. When I first used it, I was little perplexed as to why it was not blowing out the top when it was clearly working. I came to realize that the hole in the top of the unit was blocked with a plastic plug. No where in the instructions is this mentioned at all. Once I removed the plug it worked perfectly. I'm not sure if that plug was supposed to be removed before shipment or not. If not, it really needs to be mentioned in the instruction booklet. Other than that, it functions just as it should.

  • Martha Morris - i love it, does exactly what i wanted it to ...

    its rocking no problem! i love it, does exactly what i wanted it to do. If you are looking for an affordable mini projector, this is the one for you. it can set a pretty large image up no problem. its sharp, easily adjustable, and good to go. It did exactly what i wanted it to do.

  • Z. Alzein - Crashed my computer.

    It crashed my computer. What do I do? All the computer does is say the disc drive is not working, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reboot. What's that all about?