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  • Faith - So far so good

    I have had this product for about a week now and am very happy with it. I have never grown a beard before and decided to give it a try. I have only been growing for three weeks. I bought this particular oil on a recommendation from a friend. I love the way my neck and face feel after using this oil. I have only been using it for a few days (three I think), but can tell a difference already. It doesn’t smell so if you use cologne it won’t interfere with your signature sent. I like the fact that a little goes a long way so I shouldn’t be running out any time soon. I really like this one and am thinking of getting one that does have a sent.

  • Mom of Three! - I love that his doesn't need cords and can easily be ...

    I love that his doesn't need cords and can easily be transported. It's battery operated, rechargable and easy to use.

  • T. Perreira - Fresh breath all day

    My dentist uses this in his office and I liked the way my mouth felt clean all day without the alcohol which tends to dry out gums, and that's not a good thing according to my dentist. The price here is almost half what my dentist charged so I am very happy. Recently had house guests who tried it and loved it too!

  • P. Swenson - Robust treadmill

    This is a very robust design. It looks like the frame could support a small car. It's rock solid - like the treadmills you use in the health clubs - except you don't have to wait to use this one. I've had zero problems with it. The drive system, lift system, and electronics work perfectly. It's very quiet and easy to use.

  • amazonbob - ASUS Desktop

    Seems to function fine. Compact and easy to install. No screws to fasten the monitor plug to the back of the unit.

  • Sandra Henry-Stocker - but my grandson's safety is worth more than anything and I was happy to get him a carseat that I felt I ...

    Superbly built for safety and comfort. This car set allows my grandson to face the back of the car (the safer position) longer than all of the others I checked -- to 40 pounds. And the padding, the breathable material, and its washability really sold me on it. It's not the cheapest of carseats, but my grandson's safety is worth more than anything and I was happy to get him a carseat that I felt I could trust to be the best possible job of keeping him both safe and comfortable.

  • Jim W Lifto - The Secret of Majic Jack

    I recently had a local phone, we wont mention the name, but it was one of the big ones. I looked at the bill and just to get me set up, and with their cheapest option, , no long distance but 5 cents a minute, no caller ID , no call waiting, none of the frills it was 39 dollars per month plus I paid 123 dollars just to get it started.. . Of the 39 dollars per month, 15 of it was fees for state taxes, and other fees. Its rediculous. . . I heard of Magic jack on the tv and thought well can't hurt to give it a try, I do have broad band, so I went to a local store and bought it for around 69 dollars , which included the magic jack plus so I could use it on the router without having my computer on. I didn't like the fact that I had to give up my old number, , and thats cuz you have to pay extra to keep your old number, so I let them asign my new number. Well, it worked so well that I bought a extention for five years for around a hundred dollars more, so now I have nearly 6 years for 169 dollars !! The phone works fantastic, and even furnishes a answering system that emails you with a voice mail if you miss calls!! I very highly recommend this , , but I fear that the Govt will get involved when they see how much revenue they are loosing to this, so get in now while you can, and buy lots of years so you can be grandfathered in. . Jim in Oregon.