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  • Scott M. - Great Tempered Glass

    I use reviews to determine if I should buy stuff off online. I do a lot of research before I purchase anything. I write honest reviews to help people decide whether or not they should buy an item. I take my reviews very seriously. I want people to be honest with me so I try to be honest and unbiased in my reviews.

  • macwinpro - A very nice introduction into stock market trading

    I bought this book looking to understand all the lingo and acronyms used on many of the financial sites. I felt the author did a great job explaining all the different financial indicators and provided an very good summary on some past trading experts. The advice in this book is very sound and emphasizes "do you own homework" approach to picking stocks. He really shows the ins and outs, and tells you where to go to find certain key information. This is exactly what I was looking for at this stage of the game.

  • Tennessee Slim - The only thing better than wasting time on the internet!!

    What's better than wasting time on the internet? This book! What a phenomenal read - drawing parallels between the internet and surrealists and and and...Even though I LOVE wasting time on the internet all day long, I could not put this book down and that says a lot for a lazy reader like me. Highly recommended!!! HIGHLY

  • John K. Bleyaert - Customer service is horrible

    Everything you have read about the bad customer service is true. Ordered the product on 12/11 as a Christmas present. It may have shipped today, 12/21. They are not sure. No online tracking. Will not respond to e-mails or return phone calls.

  • Lyndasn - Quickbooks for small business

    I am so happy to have their help in even the smallest maters. They do not care how long it takes they will make sure you are satisfied. This makes my life much easier.

  • Bob W. - An honest review, some are not......

    This pc is a decent price for the hardware. Windows 10 is joke and a resource hog for 32gb. Admittedly I am not a Microsoft fan for many reasons but these favorable reviews from Windows users is strange to me. Just for grins I left the os as delivered for a week and as expected the updates kill this HP. My patience ran out quickly and I wiped off Win 10 completely. Linux Mint 18 is running great. Ubuntu 16.04 runs great on this HP. I installed each solo just to give each an evaluation. My preference for overall simplicity is Mint.