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  • mkvaladez - Great for the price.

    For the price you are going to have a very hard time topping this setup. When looking for a bike my mindset is i want the best components for the price and i think i got it. Yeah the wheels are not the greatest but thats something you end up replacing anyway. Finding a bike with claris or better in this price range is impossible so i was more than happy to buy this and upgrade the wheels to something i wanted!

  • Amazon Customer - Great For Tension Headaches!

    I LOVE THESE PATCHES! I suffer from tension headaches that cause nausea regularly, and these little patches take the edge off. When I feel a headache coming on or a tense muscle, I slap some of these babies on asap. The patch does not always completely relieve the pain, but it definitely helps provide some relief. Also, if I feel my neck getting tense, I will put on some patches and go to sleep....and no headache in the morning.

  • Eli. S - 6 months use - only made it worse

    I used to have a fungus infection on my toenails for many years. I decided to take the pharmaceutical approach which managed to eliminate all form of fungus and I have been fungus free ever since.

  • Mark F. - After reading installation reviews it couldn't have been easier.

    Very fast shipping and product was just as advertised. Having read many of the installation reviews here, I was prepared for how to do it correctly.

  • Jsunami - Keep quiet and look pretty

    I stare at a pair of these for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are FANTASTIC monitors with a stylish design. No, you can't mount these beauties, but their sleek base is a work of art (ok, maybe that's a bit far reaching). They only have VGA or HDMI video inputs, so make sure you have the appropriate cables. AmazonBasics has a great quality DVI > HDMI cable which works in either direction.

  • Jason - Plan To Buy New Software Every 3 Years - They make it stop working

    I have Quickbooks Pro 2008 and they are forcing me to upgrade to 2011 if I want to keep using the program. I download banking information onto my computer from my bank. I then open the file in Quickbooks. Only now they decided to get more money out of me, so the program will not open that type of file until I upgrade to 2011. I don't need any of the new features! I use the program once a month at most. I will be looking at buying other software. This is robbery! Like selling you a car and disconnecting the power steering after three years so you will have to buy a new car.

  • Greg Rogerson - Pro Series Stack is the real deal!

    Been stacking Myobuild with Muscle Builder for a couple of weeks and im very satisfied with the results. Great workouts, increased pump and strength and my recovery time has decreased making my workouts far more enjoyable.