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  • Heaven1980 - Too weak

    Not Your basic Garcinia. Doesn't do what other brands do but then again this is only 60%. This might work well for people who only have a few pounds to lose. I recommend something with 95% in it and there are plenty out there on amazon and cheaper then this one

  • Kelley Elder - Big, Entertaining, and Dumb

    This "end of the world" movie is big, visually stunning, and very entertaining. However, you have to overlook the fact that hundreds of millions of people are being killed, often before our very eyes. The science behind it is sheer nonsense so there is little concern about this movie becoming a documentary.

  • VONI - The Bosley Shampoo

    This shampoo stopped my thinning hair from shedding and while it is now thicker it is also easier to comb and to manage the styling.

  • Penny Wyatt - Quickbooks

    I don't like having to buy a new program every couple of years when the old one works grat! But it is required apparently to continue to use online banking. I don't like change and the looks of the program changes although I cannot see any significant differences. What a racket.