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  • Dogstargem - A steady read

    I have read all Wiehl's novels. I enjoyed them. This story is interesting and fun because I am familiar with the area. There is a lot of suspense and a pretty good tale. There are several things that I don't like. 1. Erica continues to blame her upbringing Sigh. 2. She is progressively neurotic,IMO 3. She lacks the same instincts regarding her daughter that she uses to pursue the news. 4. The author takes a cheap shot at Trump revealing her politics. Why? I think it was mean. Draw your own conclusions. It is a good read for the most part.

  • Lisa - Cleans your face well!

    I ordered the Radha Organic Facial Cleanser to for nightly beauty routine. The cleaner comes in in a green bottle with a pump to release the perfect amount of cleaner needed to wash your face. One squirt is all that is needed. The cleaner is a light brown color with and earthy scent with a touch of citrus smell added it seems to me. This product works well with removing all my makeup and the dirt that accumulates on my face during the day. The cleaner is gentle and non-irritating. I also have my son who has acne using it and he has noticed a cleaning in his face, which has lifted his confidence levels. He also tells me that his face is feeling smoother and the girls like that. From his standpoint this is a bonus. I would recommend this product for teens and adults, male or female.

  • D. Klipper - reasonable pricing and easy download and install

    I needed to buy something, as I'd only in the past used the free trials of anti- stuff you can find online, so felt like I should spend some money to balance my karma. I like Norton, had used it in the past, this seemed like a good price and I only needed it on my one laptop, so now I have it for a year. Will most likely renew when the year is up.

  • Wishfulthinking - the best thing I ever bought!

    I have to say it does what they say it does. I took it slow for a couple days not wanting to overdo it. I would have to say by the fourth day that I felt like a new person! I find I have more energy need less sleep and have stopped eating so much junk food, As I don't crave it anymore. I lost 5 pounds in about 8 days, No change to my diet no exercise. You"ll start feeling good, then realize realize how sick your body really was. I also was suffering from skin infections they would come and go rashes, hives with no explanations. at one point the doctor had to put me on steroids. I'm happy to say that all my skin problems are gone. I feel like a new person. very happy with the outcome. Wish I knew about this product sooner.

  • Ban Filthy Illegals - To all the this:

    *** This review is based on my experience with the laptop itself and not the seller. I purchased this from Best Buy ***