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  • Veltaine - Four Stars

    The song selection gets worse every year, staying away from the next iteration until well after launch this time.

  • Lauren A. White - Cute, but gets stuck

    My 5 yr. Old daughter bought this with her Birthday money. She loves it, but it constantly gets stuck and wont move or make any noises, even if I turn it off and back on and I have to smack it a couple times to get it working again. We have changed the batteries several times but it doesnt help. I asked her if she wanted me to return that one and gwt her a new one and she said No because she loves it so much.

  • swbandmom - Decent Product, Expensive Price

    My husband is the one using this particular product. He swears it's helping him (not sure how much of this is "in his head" as he's a believer of a lot of informercials) but he has been using it regularly. If it helps me, it helps me as he's not grouchy and cranky due to pain. I have a major problem with the price and cost of shipping opportunity to select a different shipment type so it adds up quite quickly.


    As a career counselor/coach in private practice, I have met hundreds of people over the years who have tried to decide on their career direction by using "Parachute". This includes both mid-life career changers as well as younger people trying to pick a career. The vast majority say that "Parachute" was not much help. The methods the author uses are simply inadequate to make this most important of life's decisions. The author, Richard Bolles is a warm and kindly man, but the book is just too simplistic to help you if you want to be both maximally successful and personally fulfilled in your work.

  • Bob Burns - i am amazed at what cellfood did for me ...

    this story is so crazy i don't believe it myself, yet it is true. i had torso pain for 26 years that was auto-immune related (immune system attacks cells on rib cage, similar to some forms of arthritis). then, someone on the internet suggested cellfood, which is an anti-oxidant vitamin that reduces the load on the immune system. "immune load" is the amount of stuff it is fighting. Reducing load causes it's sensitivity to drop. "immune sensitivity" is how likely it is that it will attack something. In other words, thiscellfood helps with auto-immune problems (immune system attacking something you don't want it to attack). i figured there was a 1 in a million chance this cellfood would be helpful (i am a skeptic). so it tried it and the pain went away within 5 days. if you have a goofy problem, i suggest you take cellfood for several weeks and if you don't see dramatic improvement, discontinue use. to see experiences others have had, view the other reviews at amazon.

  • Capt. Mike - Another great price

    This is the exact same product that cost 4 times as much in stores. It loaded right up I had no problems and is still running great after several months.

  • Jacques - but i have to say that i really love this oil

    I get this through doterra because i am an advocate, but i have to say that i really love this oil. i put it straight into water and it is super refreshing and has really helped me from being hangry if i have to wait in between meals. i also find that i am eating a little less and if i drink it throughout the day i find that i also have a little more energy. I add 7 drops to a huge glass of water and then maybe 3 or 4 drops if i refill it during the day. the taste is strong but pleasant and very refreshing. I recommend giving it a chance a few times. if you dont like it you can add 6 or 7 drops to a veggie capsule and fill the rest of it with fractionated coconut oil. :)