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  • Alex Naoum - Not Compatible with my N64...Bought a movie theater instead

    I bought this to use with my Nintendo 64, but the picture was too pixilated. Each pixel was about the size of a poor person's tv. Really disappointed in samsung. I bought a movie theater instead.

  • Jim Nance - ... weight lifting and so I was looking for a good fenugreek powder to mix with my protein shakes when ...

    I am into weight lifting and so I was looking for a good fenugreek powder to mix with my protein shakes when i came across this product. The taste is decent, like koolaid, but it doesn't seem to have much fenugreek. I could probably deal with the very sweet taste this product has if it contained more fenugreek but it is listed as the third ingredient in the blend of herbs! I have used it for 10 days now and don't really feel like this has been effective.

  • Samaa - Good results

    I have revived this eye gel a couple days ago, and oh God it is very good!!! I really was not expecting it to work and give me this result.

  • Krista L. Seiden - Great guide for tackling the GMAT

    I ordered this book in order to study for the GMAT. It served it's purpose well. The book outlines each of the different sections and question types on the GMAT and gives concrete examples and guidance for how to dissect the question type and successfully tease out the answer. It also does a good job of highlighting the most important aspects, allowing you to spend your precious study time on the hardest and most common question types. I'd recommend this book to anyone prepping for the GMAT.

  • epicerik - It's spiral bound so it's easy to keep open and fold in half

    If you want to learn literally everything there is to learn about Microsoft Office, then this is it. Between watching YouTube videos and reading/studiyng this book in it's entirety, you'll be a pro in no time. Which in today's society, that's almost expected. That being said, you would be surprised how many people are not proficient at office even when they used it everyday. This is a cheap way to add on to your resume and make yourself more hire-able.