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  • Elizabeth Drum - Super thin paper backing makes this a waste of money.

    I am so disappointed in this book! I have other quarter books that are of much better quality. It is essentially a thin paper back lining so it is very easy to push through the paper when placing your quarters into the slots inside. It would be much better if they had at least some sort of cardboard behind the slots for the quarters instead of the super thin paper that also serves and the front and back cover. Spend a dollar more and get quality!

  • Suenica Humphreys - My journey of the regimen

    I have been used the regimen over 2 weeks, and my experience is still not very sure. My face is still very dry and flaky. Luckily the redness has been reduced. Because of the dryness and I bought the jojoba oil after the first week and hope to add with the moisturise can be inproved. however it is still very very dry. And I feel extra itchy when I was asleep. If you are able to give me some tips. Please send me a email back. Many thanks!

  • Stephanie R. Porvaznik - Love this protein powder

    Love this protein powder! Taste great with no aftertaste. Easy way to get daily protein in. Also works great in recipes for added protein. Can't wait to try the vanilla too.

  • Susan D Smith - My hair dresser recommended it because my hairline was receding and I was ...

    I've been using this for 2 1/2 months twice/day. My hair dresser recommended it because my hairline was receding and I was starting to lose more hair each time I washed it. I have definitely noticed less hair loss, but I haven't noticed any new growth yet. I will continue to use twice/daily for awhile longer and see what happens.

  • M.M. - Recent format is a shadow of the former version.

    The decision to tranform this book from its long standing text-reference form to this flashy watered down version was a major blunder. I recall volumes from the 70's to the turn of the 21st century as an awesome resource for disovering not just 'people' records, but those of nature and the universe as well. While past volumes were hundreds of pages of tightly packed information; you can't find most of the previous records in these current formats, nor is most the information available on their website. Here's an example, what's the coldest land temp. ever recorded? My 1999 book of world records had that info., but information like that seems to have been replaced by 'how many lightbulbs can a person break off a trampoline'. Interesting? Perhapse, but not at the extent of the wealth of information that seems to have been locked away forever by the current publishers. I miss the days when the Guiness Book of World Records was an indexed atlas more than its current form of a 'freak show'.

  • B. S. - Great prep book; has everything anyone could ever need

    Like most people taking the GRE, I assumed it was just like the SAT, so those little tips and tricks I had learned in high school would be more than sufficient for my GRE taking. Unfortunately, I was completely wrong about that, and upon realizing that quite early on (fortunately!) I quickly bought this book.