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  • Lucinda N. Brown - no complaints

    My son recommended these headphones. I had purchased two pairs previously for about the same money, and honestly, they were both awful. I was getting read to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive pair, when he suggested that I purchase the TaiTronics. I did and I'm perfectly happy with them. First of all, they were a breeze to pair with the bluetooth, the sound is great and the charge lasts for hours. I like the magnet feature that keeps the headphones around your neck when you aren't using them. Great product, decent price... Look no further, for the price, these can't be beat.

  • Wayne G. Parkinson - Modem worked very well. However, the wireless did ...

    Modem worked very well. However, the wireless did not. My devices would get a weak signal at about 20 feet and lose connection at 30+ feet. I worked with ARRIS tech support but still could not improve the signal. I returned the SURFboard shortly after that.

  • Amazon Customer - They duped me

    I was skeptical when I watched the infomercial, but I admit that they sold me probably because I wanted to be sold. I wanted it to be true and I was sucked in and I thought that even if a little of what they were saying was true it would be great. The infomercial is on all the time and I wanted so much to believe what they were saying and thought that they wouldn't have it on all the time with people buying it if it wasn't true. I had a gas trimmer before that died and thought I would try it out. I bought it and I can honestly say that I can't think of anything that they claimed that is true. The battery life isn't good, the power sucks, it doesn't cut well (probably because there is only one line), the line doesn't self feed well and there is no way this could be used as an edger. Because I have to go so slow and go over everything two, three times it takes me twice as long. It is also annoying that the line doesn't self feed consistently and doesn't go out all the way. The line is always super short and I have to feed it out myself. There is a higher volt battery that they sell and I don't know if that gives more power, but I got the 20 volt because that is what the infomercial advertised and they said was great. I knew it was too good to be true, but it makes me sad because like I said I wanted it to be true. It was a cheaper option, but I guess you get what you pay for. Now I am going to have to pay for a new gas trimmer, so I wasted my money and will end up paying a lot more than if I wouldn't bought this trimmer