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  • Amazon Shopper - Download codes require a call to QuickBooks

    We have been using QuickBooks an QB Payroll for years. This download would not activate or extent our annual payroll subscription. I had to call QB tech support and was transferred six times before I found someone in Payroll Services that knew how to associate the purchase with our subscription activation. Just don't expect to get it done on the weekend.

  • mark - No two the same

    Placed both together with fresh batteries from the same package. Both had different readings on humidity, both temperature readings were the same and accurate. Reversed batteries from one unit to the other and same result, readings were 6% different (ie 31% vs 37%). Left next to each other over night and same result the next day. Would not bother to purchase unless you bought 10 units and selected the best ones, even that should be verified by another accurate source. A hugh waste of time and energy, Only UPS made out on this purchase.

  • Whistle Pig - A 1st edition gem ...

    ... that is bound to become one of those "diamonds" that rare book collectors cherish because it promises to be so uniquely rare beyond the bookshelf of the author's grandmother. Perhaps like the Edsel and the Barack Obama chia pet, this baby's bound for e-bay glory some day. Snatch yours before the 1st and final edition is sold out. Don't we wonder if Shannon Ray might go down in the annals of United States Navy history alongside such legendary luminaries as Jimmy "Peanuts" Carter, John "Horse Face" Kerry, Mayo-naise, and Philo T. McGiffin.

  • Susan Anderson - Not What I Expected

    I've read at least 4 of Jorge Cruse's books before this one. I bought it with confidence, based on previous positive reactions to his information. But this one was awful! There is no content at all! After the first few short chapters the book is just a picture book. He swaps fast food for remakes using his preferred products. But there is no shortage of fat or sodium in his recipes! I was very disappointed and I would not tell anyone who was seriously looking for a helpful food plan to use this one. There are much better, effective plans out there from any of the other well-known trainers who have been seen on TV.

  • Lonestarlady - PROACTIV Repairing Treatment~

    I've tried to use this product a few times, but I always end up itching miserably! The first time I used it I thought I was having a reaction post-thyroid surgery. I tried it again, some months later, and the itching reoccurred. I thought I'd give it one more try before pitching a full bottle...this time I didn't apply to my neck area which seems to itch the worse, and the results were the same. I hate that I wasted money on this product, but it's going in the trash.

  • Yorkiemom - dont like to read long detailed reviews

    my husband was taking a more expensive brand of brain focus, he has been stressed so using these to help focus. He gives brain health a thumbs up for focus :)

  • ac4warrior - Having been totally in shape, and totally out of shape, this game is perfect for anyone

    I've been on both sides of the spectrum, athlete/military shape and total couch potato working up, this game has stuff for the complete range of different fitness levels people are at. If you are starting from pretty much zero they gradually work you up with pretty good exercises and bursts of sprinting during the runs to get your heart rate going. I started out not even being able to finish the first Run exercise to finishing the first and working on the second. Totally 100% excellent game IF you have the motivation to get in shape, you can't beat this game.