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  • R. J. Allen - Great suff back in production.

    I agree. Used it years ago. Could not replace. Very happy to see it back on the market. Worth 2x the Price.

  • Doc Jim - Works great if used with Nioxin Shampoo and conditioner

    I use this in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner by the same company. I have been using the system since about February 2014 and I DO see results including an area where I USED to have a fairly sizable bald spot. That spot is almost completely filled in with new hair now that started growing after about 4 months of product usage. In June I started to see new hairs growing elsewhere on my scalp where it had been thinning. It's not mid november and the hairs in the previously thinning areas are now about 2 inches long. The hairs where the bald spot used to be are now about 1" to 1.5" long and growing. I was skeptical but this product DOES work and was recommended by the person who cuts my hair. You have to be patient though and use it consistently. It's not instant hair like in the Hollywood movies.

  • Andrew Jones - Defective?

    Out of the box, this monitor looked great. I set everything up and it ran smooth for the first couple of hours of use. Then the screen started to randomly (and frequently) cut to black for a moment or two before returning to the normal image. This is extremely annoying and severely undercuts the functionality of the monitor. I don't think it's a connectivity issue, but I will update this review once I am able to try a new HDMI cable.