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  • Elizabeth Mitchell - The best ideas about passive income

    This book is an excellent and also informative guideline for making huge profits with small capital investments or without investment. So many online business plans as a source of passive income with proven tips and effective strategies have been given here to support you to earn extra income and make you free from financial crisis. Get the smart way to leverage your time and efforts to gain more profit.

  • Paul Murphy - Thumbs Up!

    These are the best cables I've ever had. My wife and I like to saute them lightly in lemon-butter and serve them over a bed of blanched radicchio, just lightly drizzled with evoo (extra-virgin olive oil) and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts. I recommend a nice Montrachet or Pino Gris, although some prefer the more oaky California Chardonnay.

  • Kindle Customer - Frustrated

    I tried to play and was told to get the latest update. I have been clicking on the update tab now almost daily for a month and nothing happens so I can't play. The happened once before and it was over 6 weeks before I could finally update and play again. I've tried to delete the game and start over but it won't let me delete either!

  • Tarkoba - Works pretty good. The only issues I have are if ...

    Works pretty good. The only issues I have are if you push the nose piece in too far it will just suck and not put out water which hurts if you already have sinus pressure. Just back the ports out a little and it will work fine. It's cool and gross at the same time!

  • Kristin - Nice for all the little Palentologists

    My son received this for his 6th birthday. He had received a similar toy from a different manufacturer in the past and had enjoyed that and worked at it for over a month on and off. This project was much quicker to "excavate". He had a lot of fun with it but he had all the pieces removed within an hour or two. Not wanting the mess from the block in my house I had him work on it outside, it can be quite messy although was not half as bad as the one from the other manufacturer that he had used prior. My son was quite excited with the T-Rex skeleton that he found. The pieces go together quite easily. It was not something that kept well though as he wanted to play with it in his dinosaur playset and he kept breaking it apart with the pieces eventually becoming lost to the place where lost toy pieces go. I must say that several months after it was purchased his grandmother found the exact same item at a local store for only $10, which I would say is a better price. She did buy him another one which we will save until the weather becomes nice again and we can get back outside to use it. Gotta love winter in the Northeast!!

  • Hannah - which was a great decision. Although the seat initially dwarfed him

    Researched a lot of carseats. We knew our son would be born prematurely, so we bought the. Maxi Cosi Pria with Tiny Fit, which was a great decision. Although the seat initially dwarfed him, he still fit securely & safely thanks to the tiny fit & all the extra cushioning. It really is so nice we call it his little prince chair. Would absolutely but it again. We feel it's much safer than an infant seat with a click in base.

  • Angelica - not original packaging

    Item didn't come in it's original packaging so there is no way of knowing if it was the original tea bags. the tea bags came in a simple ziploc bag with a printed sheet in it.