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  • Coticon - Save your money - avoid this version

    Add this review to all of the others from very dissatisfied long time users of Nero ... It seems that the later the version, the less reliable and the fewer the features in a Program Package from what is apparently a sinking software company. On all of my computers (I have 5 systems), I have the old standby Nero version 7 installed and it works wonderfully. The only problem was that Showtime did not play Blu-ray. So last year I purchased Nero 2015 Platinum and while it had Nero BluRay player, the implementation was flaky at best - sometimes working OK, sometimes just kicking out the Blu Ray Video completely (necessitating a reload and fast forward to the spot where the video stopped), and more often than not, Nero Blu Ray player would not load the video at all. So figuring that with time comes improvement (how naïve could I be), I purchased Nero 2016 Platinum with the expectation that the bugs in the previous version would have been ironed out - only to find that Blu-ray player is not even in this package.

  • Stephanie M - Works great for stretch marks

    Works great for reducing stretch marks. I used this twice a day for about three months and I can defiantly see a difference in the color and size of my stretch marks. I will continue using it to see if I can continue to see results.


    WARNING - Keurig Green Mountain is being sued as a result of their scanning technology. The machine WILL NOT accept the original design K-Cups, and the package markings telling buyers IF the K-Cups will work with the 2.0 are not clearly marked. (If you compare the original K-Cup with these new "Keurig Brewed" 2.0 K-Cups, they LOOK identical in size. However, the machine can tell the difference.

  • Sandra C. Hofmann - Great exercise alternative for seniors

    Bought this for my 86 year old Dad (he'd seen it on TV) as an exercise alternative for him. He has COPD and wanted something that didn't leave him totally winded. He uses the chair several times a day and is very pleased with his experience. His small assisted living quarters can easily accommodate the chair and it quickly folds up if necessary to put away. My Dad's experience has been so positive that I'm thinking of ordering one for me!!