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  • Peter Andrew Zunich - Don't waste your Time or Money

    Shame on Amazon for even listing a product like this, much less Diamondback. It will affect my purchasing decisions in the future.

  • T. Snellgrove - Good quality parts - lousy directions

    The cross bars themselves were shipped promptly, arrived in good condition, are high quality, and fit well on my 2008 Odyssey. For the parts alone I would give 5 stars.

  • C. Juarez - Don't be a quitter!

    It took me 4 days of trying this thing to finally have it work as advertised. No way was it as smooth as the lady made it look in the commercials. I was that clogged up! I also have a deviated septum. So maybe that was why it took so many attempts to soften the gunk and wash it out. Don't quit! It originally kept seeping to the back of my throat and wouldn't drain out the other nostril. The saline salt water is gross. However, it was worth the final result. I can breathe. My sinus pressure headaches are gone. Don't send the product back without forcefully trying it for a few days. Don't be a wuss. It will feel like you're drowning when you feel the water shoot up your nostrils, but only the first few times you use it. Use it daily for 30 days and you'll notice an improvement in sleep, allergies, and breathing. You'll eventually look like that lady in the commercial who doesn't break a sweat using it. You won't look as graceful the first time you use it though. lol

  • TrashOfAmerica - ... the glow in the dark effect would be a nice added touch

    I thought the glow in the dark effect would be a nice added touch. I didn't know the planchette takes batteries! What a joke! Do not buy this.