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  • angeltoes - Warps in use

    Heavy stainless steel pans should not warp in use. I absolutely hate this product . Wish I had gone to America's Test Kitchen for their review on pans. Used them before and got great pans. These are a waste of my money.

  • Josh - Can't beat it for the price

    Its not as good as the full professional version that will cost you $1,000+ but it is pretty close and for the price (I think I got it for $30ish at the time) you just cant beat it. I am familiar with Chief Architect and lose using it to design renovations or small projects. If you are familiar with Chief Architect and don't want to spend ridiculous money on the full version get this

  • Robert Guttman - Aesop's Fables; a new translation by Aesop

    This is a complete collection of the the timeless fables of Aesop, translated into easily-readable colloquial English. The date of the original fables, which were in Ancient Greek, is uncertain. It is said that Aesop lived from 620-564 BC, that he was a slave on the Greek Island of Samos, and was born either in somewhere in Asia Minor or Thrace. He is also often characterized as having been an ugly hunchback. However, nobody really knows for sure, nor does any of that really matter. What is certain is that the fables attributed to Aesop are as entertaining, and the lessons taught by them as universally true, as they were were thousands of years ago. The charm and wonder of Aesop's fables is that they are completely and equally comprehensible by people of any culture, and from any era; either now, in the distant past, or ten thousand years from now. They have never been outdated, and undoubtedly never will be. Few works of literature, from any age or culture, are so universal as the Fables of Aesop. They should be required reading for anyone, in any country on earth, who wishes to consider themselves educated.

  • Diana - Amazing perfume, just what I expected

    Amazing perfume, just what I expected. The fragrance lasts all day long, not like modern perfumes that stay only 10 minutes. I am very happy that I picked this one.

  • Sara Chronister - My brand for life!

    I love this shampoo! I'm 39 but have started going through menopause. One of the changes is that a section of my hair feels ratty, dry, and tangly after I shampoo it. Just one section. One day, I stayed at a hotel that had this brand in its rooms and after I used it I noticed that my hair didn't feel horrible! It's the only shampoo I've found that makes my hair feel like it did before I started menopause. I have no idea why; I probably wouldn't understand even if someone explained it. I just know that I'm very happy that I stayed at that hotel and found this shampoo.

  • Davew - awesome case

    awesome case ordered 2 of these, one for my note 5 and one for the iPhone 6s PLUS, these are nice cases, they go on easily, yet are very tough, I had the one on my iPhone 6s plus and then my son seen it and wanted to use it, well he happened to drop his phone 2 times taking our dog for a walk within 15 minutes of having the case.. it held up well