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Country:, North America, US

City: -96.8217 Texas, United States

  • Wong - Great product

    This is a great pinhole camera. It works great. It is a solid camera with a battery that will last the device hours. It is a very solid camera. It has great camera quality. I would recommend buying this camera.

  • Amazon Customer - The capsules were a little bigger than I'm used to but were easy to swallow

    I have been on this for a week or so. Felt no jitters. No shaky feeling. And no anxious feeling. Which is a big plus for me. The capsules were a little bigger than I'm used to but were easy to swallow. Tasted pretty good and left no after taste. You can really taste the green tea that's inside them. I was still able to sleep at night also. I have more energy and after a week I have lost 3 pounds! I'm excited to stay on these and see how much I can lose. I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  • NYC-Chads - I don't much like "fad diets

    I bought this book after hearing Dr Hyman discuss it on CBS news. I don't much like "fad diets," but the notion of cutting out processed foods and sugars seemed sensible to me, and I was tired of - well, feeling tired! - and although I'm relatively young (54) for arthritis, it was having terrible neck pain and my knuckles and hands were swollen and painful.

  • ArtemisOfLight - EA messed up AGAIN

    I was so excited. Mom gave this to me as a gift and when I went to install it, I was rudely surprised to discover that I HAD to have an Origin account to play it. ALSO, I have to be online to play it. Excuse me?! I didn't wait a decade for a game that I can't play on my own terms. Do you all see how much this thing costs? Why did EA restrict it like that? I'm not interested in playing online with other people. I avoid online play because it's unpredictable, vulnerable, and there are too many 'discourteous' people out there.

  • Linda Nordhorn - book

    this was not what I expected. it is more of an autobiography than the information that I was expecting. it was a good read just not what I expected I was looking for some guidance as to what to supplement with for different problems. also purchased the Lets play doctor book and it is not that good either

  • Elephantic - My dog has horrible allergies. I've been alternating this with a colloidal ...

    My dog has horrible allergies. I've been alternating this with a colloidal silver soap, and bathing her once a week (it would be more but she absolutely hates baths). Her scratching has been much better overall, and her scaly patches on her skin are getting better. Her vet didn't think she had a yeast condition on her skin, but I still wasn't convinced. The colloidal silver seems to kill whatever is bugging her on her skin, and this seems to soothe her skin. The clay in this product seems to be what really does it. If there was an all in one product for her like that it would get 5 stars.