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  • carmella gross - It never dried out again all summer and looks great still. I am doing it again next year ...

    I used this on my lawn and in three weeks it was definitely was showing a difference. For years my husband said there was nothing that would help that section of the lawn because it was to sandy. He even couldn't believe it and asked me when I had applied the milorganite because he noticed the difference . It never dried out again all summer and looks great still. I am doing it again next year also.

  • Shannon - BOGUS!!!

    Very very dissapointed with this product. It doesn't do nothing and I am a red head so I have very pale skin and would think you would see results right away or at least the next day. You have to put the whole bottle on to get maybe a little color finally going on. I will never pay money for this ever again. I'll stick my Tanwise from sally's beauty supply which only costs $10.00. Don't buy this stuff seriously.


    One star is too good for this piece of garbage. It has a mind of its own and several billion options to choose from to make it behave. Choose carefully because the one you want will HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PROBLEM YOU ARE EXPERIENCING!!!!!!!!!! If I could send a bag of s*** to Microsoft as a reward for this I would in an instant.

  • Teresa - What a waste of money

    My husband loves to cook his own eggs and thought cooking without butter or oil would be healthier. The eggs STUCK to the pan badly - did not slide out at all. What a waste of money.

  • Emily Collins - Loud farts

    I purchased these bad boys hoping that what others described would happen. I think a good poop is life changing. Anyways, I was disappointed when I ate first about 15, then about 30, then about the whole bag and didn't have quite the same reaction. I didn't have to poop, my insides didn't fall out, I wasn't stuck on the toilet in agony. What did happen, however, is I did fart louder than I ever thought possible every minute, on the minute, for a good 12 hours. I woke up 30-40 times throughout the night because I thought one of my roommates was being murdered because it sounded like a machine gun was firing nearby. It was to my surprise when I realized that sound was coming from under my comforter and that the machine gun was, in fact, my own butt. If you're really into feeling uncomfortably bloated and having awful noises escape your butt all night and all day throughout work then buy, if not, don't. I actually had to take a real laxative to finally get these bears to make an escape.

  • Sarah - LOVE IT! and so does the kid

    LOVE IT! and so does the kid. Easy to set up and feels very cozy and very sturdy. It's too heavy for travel, but you could buy the Clek Weelie to drag it around in.