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  • Beth - Not for people who color their hair.

    I got this as a gift and since I color my hair it is NOT a good product. The bottle says it is color safe but it stripped a lot of color out with the first shampoo. Got worse with the next several shampoos and then I stopped using it. It was a lot of money to just sit in the cabinet. I did not notice other people who color their hair leaving a review. It is a shame because I would like to use natural products.


    UPDATE: figured out what was wrong and decided to keep it. Not the product's fault. There was a defective fuse in my panel.

  • C0D3 - Daily case

    The case is pretty nice, has held up pretty well as my daily. I just wish there was a way to reach the volume buttons while it was closed and that perhaps it was just a small bit longer (I know this is probably just me) so I could put money in it without folding it which makes the bulging of the case when it has things like cards (and cash) more noticeable. Its a small price to pay for being able to leave a standalone wallet at home so its not a huge deal.

  • Jennie K. - Decent, but read more like the plot to a video game

    Overall the characters are likable but don't develop much between start and finish. The world is built like a video game (complete with healing elixirs and mana (called Spirit but it works the same)). It starts with a cataclysmic event which sends the hero off to become the last of her kind (sort of) and ends with a boss battle. It is a video game I would enjoy, but lacks as a novel.

  • Brooksy - The Seresto works great for all but one of my cats who is ...

    I switched to the Bayer Seresto from the Frontline because I have 6 cats and it just got too expensive. The Seresto works great for all but one of my cats who is allergic to this collar. Five of the cats are good to go with no ticks or fleas but the one cat ended up with no fur around his neck and bumps so needless to say he's back on frontline. Otherwise, I purchase new collars every 8 months for the other cats and two of my dogs. On e of my dogs, the Chow Chow, is also allergic to these collars and had the fur falling out and extreme itching. As with any product, it may not work for some.