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City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • Alex S. - No limitations

    Really an amazing stereo, its an android phone in your dash! The limits are boundless with a device like this

  • Sandy - Rubbish rubbish rubbish

    It's a shame that there isn't an option for zero stars, that would suit these tests perfectly. First Response used to be the most reliable tests but somewhere along the line they must've felt they were being challenged (obviously well) by other leaders in the field such as Clearblue and as a result have produced these ridiculous tests. I have had heartbreak month upon month using these tests and rightly asked for a refund for several orders. They aren't faulty, they are so "sensitive" they pick up on hcg levels that aren't there! No chemical pregnancy, no normal pregnancy, just a crap test from a manufacturer who has seriously compromised on quality. If I'm not pregnant I do NOT want to see a faint pink line appearing within the correct timeframe on ALL of these tests and from DIFFERENT batches. There should be no line at all and that'd be fine instead of raising my hopes for nothing. Utter rubbish to put it mildly. Stick with Clearblue.

  • Shaun - You won't find a better price on a lower door of this quality.

    These other reviews are spot on! I ordered these off of the UTVgiant website and had them within 3 days (to Az.). These lower inserts are great at keeping the water and mud out when riding and also keep the cold air from blowing in on your legs in the winter months. VERY easy to install and are great quality and the rubber edging gives the inserts a "finished" looking edge. These sure beat the $800 price tag for the Polaris brand lower door kit! These will even work with door bags. I only had to make one hole in each front lower insert to align the forward-most hole with the bag mount hole. Would definitely buy again!

  • Annamarie - Excellent Product

    I have really thin, fine hair and this product adds volume and definitely lifts and "puffs" out my hair. It also holds for the entire day. So glad I found it!

  • Joy Leftow - works for me

    Works for me. As soon as you notice tingles or itching - put this on to prevent further swelling or sores developing. They heal very fast with this product along with using lysine tablets. You do have to do up to 5 times a day and only a very tiny amount is needed. I never had these before and have no idea where it came from but it is a virus so it can recur.